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2022-10-26 Six children in same Uganda family catch Ebola

Their schools in the capital Kampala have not been closed - yet the virus is highly contagious.

2022-10-26 Turkey arrests doctors' chief for 'terror propaganda'

Sebnem Fincanci is held after calling for an inquiry into claims that the army used chemical weapons.

2022-10-26 Gretchen Whitmer: Three men convicted for supporting kidnap plot

A group planned to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer over the Covid restrictions she imposed, prosecutors say.

2022-10-25 Energy bill help for all is too expensive, warns the World Bank

Some Covid help was not targeted enough and the same is happening with energy bills, its president says.

2022-10-25 Macron-Scholz: Difficult Paris summit awaits German chancellor

Relations between France and Germany are strained as the two countries pull in different directions.

2022-10-25 'I feel less alone': The pandemic's varied effects on wellbeing

The WHO says a poll commissioned by the BBC shows the pandemic had "diverse" effects on mental health.

2022-10-25 China shares slide in US as Xi starts historic third term

Investors fear the world's second largest economy will be held back by its tough Covid restrictions.

2022-10-24 The ships full of gas waiting off Europe’s coast

In the middle of an energy crisis, giant ships full of liquefied natural gas are waiting off Europe's coast.

2022-10-24 Myanmar crisis: 50 killed in air raid on Kachin rebels, reports say

Villagers said there was no warning before the air force dropped bombs on a concert in Kachin state.

2022-10-23 Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker's regeneration reveals a new Doctor

Avoid reading unless you're happy for major spoilers, as the 13th Doctor leaves the show.

2022-10-23 Hollywood reflects on MeToo impact as new Weinstein trial begins

How have the revelations behind Harvey Weinstein's court cases changed how Hollywood works?

2022-10-22 Cost of living: Why more Australians are giving up their pets

The cost of pet food has soared in Australia due to the pandemic and the Ukraine war.

2022-10-21 Spain lifts final Covid rules for UK travellers

British holidaymakers will no longer have to provide Covid or vaccination status to get into Spain.

2022-10-21 India vaccine maker destroys 100 million doses of expired Covid jab

Vaccine maker Serum Institute of India said the doses had expired due to falling demand.

2022-10-20 China Covid: The politics driving the hellish lockdowns

Parts of Beijing are now being locked down as China's Communist Party holds a historic Congress.

2022-10-20 China anger over death of girl, 14, sent to Covid quarantine

Footage of the visibly ill teenager sparked anger online - relatives say pleas for help were ignored.

2022-10-19 Ethiopia's Tigray conflict: Nasa shows how a war zone faded from space

Images of nights skies show power supplies disappearing in Ethiopia as a humanitarian crisis bites.

2022-10-19 Ukraine round-up: Kherson evacuation and Putin's letters to Berlusconi

Russia's removal of people from Kherson comes as it said the situation in the city was "difficult".

2022-10-19 Russian general: Situation in Ukraine 'tense'

The commander of Russian forces in Ukraine appears to admit difficulties in occupied regions.

2022-10-19 Doctor's funeral in Kyiv brings home pain of Russian missile attacks

Dr Oksana Leontieva was going to work after leaving her son at nursery when she was killed in Kyiv.

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