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2022-10-18 Florida flesh-eating illness cases spike after Hurricane Ian

Florida has recorded a record number of cases of the lethal bacteria that lurks in salty floodwaters.

2022-10-18 China-Taiwan: Beijing speeding up plans for unification, Blinken says

The US Secretary of State said China could employ 'forceful means' to achieve its objective.

2022-10-17 Germany extends nuclear power amid energy crisis

Russia's disruption of energy supplies scuppers Germany's plan to exit nuclear power this year.

2022-10-17 Venezuela crisis: 7.1m leave country since 2015

Venezuelans leave their homeland in droves - even though many struggle to feed themselves abroad.

2022-10-16 Ebola in Uganda: Three-week lockdown announced for two districts

There have been 19 deaths and 58 cases reported in Uganda during this outbreak.

2022-10-15 Opioid crisis: US teens fastest growing group to die

Teen deaths from fentanyl overdose rose 20% last year - who is to blame and what can be done?

2022-10-15 BioNTech: Could Covid vaccine technology crack cancer?

BioNTech's mRNA cancer trials started long before the pandemic, and have shown some early encouraging signals.

2022-10-14 Nigeria floods: Braving the rising waters in Kogi state

More than a million people are now homeless in the worst flooding the nation has seen in a decade.

2022-10-14 Haiti: People will die as country nears breaking point - UN

The country is paralysed by a gang violence crisis crippling its basic food and water supplies.

2022-10-14 Study links coronavirus lockdowns to birth rate drop in Europe

January 2021 saw a 14% birth rate drop in Europe in comparison with previous years, research suggests.

2022-10-13 Ringo Starr cancels North America tour with Covid

The Beatle had previously cancelled dates after catching the virus, before returning to the road.

2022-10-13 France sends Germany gas for first time amid Russia energy crisis

The new flow was sent in "European solidarity" after Russia cut energy supplies to Europe.

2022-10-13 China Covid: Rare protest against President Xi before party congress

The protest against President Xi came amid strict Covid measures that have also sparked anger online.

2022-10-12 China-Taiwan: Can a tech billionaire create a civilian fighting force?

Robert Tsao, 75, has pledged a billion Taiwan dollars to train citizens to resist a Chinese invasion.

2022-10-12 Is the small business surge in the US sustainable?

Start-up rates surged during the pandemic. Will it last?

2022-10-12 Sir David Jason describes Covid collapse

The Only Fools and Horses legend tells BBC Breakfast he had "seriously bad" Covid this summer.

2022-10-11 Uganda Ebola outbreak: First death recorded in capital Kampala

Nineteen people have now died in this outbreak but there are no other recorded cases in Kampala.

2022-10-11 New Zealand proposes taxing cow burps to reduce emissions

The plan has angered some in the agricultural sector, who say it will result in many farms closing.

2022-10-11 Haiti crisis: Clashes and looting as anger boils over

Gang violence has led to food and fuel shortages which are hitting an already desperate population.

2022-10-10 Kenya curriculum uproar as pupils behead live chickens in school

Videos of primary school pupils learning practical skills such as cooking spark a nationwide debate.

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