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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2022-04-29 Child hepatitis cases falsely linked to Covid vaccine

None of the affected children in the UK had been vaccinated because they were too young to be eligible.

2022-04-29 China: The elderly people struggling in Shanghai's quarantine centres

One woman told the BBC that her 90-year-old grandmother has been left alone to fend for herself.

2022-04-29 Shanghai lockdown: Residents protest after five weeks of strict zero-Covid measures

Some residents have been under strict lockdown for five weeks, and struggled to access food supplies.

2022-04-29 India Covid-19: 'My father did not have to die'

A year after losing her father to Covid, Indian journalist Barkha Dutt writes on coping with loss and regret.

2022-04-27 India: Huge blaze breaks out at landfill site

Smoke from the fire caused people in the surrounding area to suffer breathing difficulties.

2022-04-27 Nature loss: 'Insatiable greed' degrading land around the world

Modern agriculture and consumption patterns have devalued around 40% of global lands, according to the UN.

2022-04-27 Anti-Semitism: Dramatic rise in 2021, Israeli report says

The Israeli study says social media and conspiracy theories about Covid are among factors to blame.

2022-04-26 Unqualified Botox, filler and laser 'doctors' revealed in Egypt

A BBC News investigation has exposed serious flaws in the Egyptian beauty industry that are endangering lives and leaving women scarred for life.

2022-04-25 Will Taiwan's banks stay stuck in a '1980s' time warp?

How the pandemic may have jolted an old-fashioned banking industry to make changes.

2022-04-25 Stock markets tumble over China lockdown fears

Shares drop as Covid cases in Beijing raise the prospect of supply chain disruption.

2022-04-25 Brazil carnival: 'Bolsonaro' dancer turned into crocodile

Brazil's famous Carnival returned this year for the first time since the Covid pandemic.

2022-04-25 Beijing kicks off mass testing after spike in Covid cases

Dozens of cases were reported, sparking fears that Beijing could face a similar situation to Shanghai.

2022-04-24 Ethiopia's Lalibela struggles as war and Covid-19 keep tourists away

In the historic Ethiopian town of Lalibela, civil war and Covid-19 have left many without livelihoods.

2022-04-24 Shanghai: Green fences baffle locked down residents

Two-metre barriers have appeared all over the city as officials battle to contain a Covid outbreak.

2022-04-24 Rio carnival: Brazil holds first Rio de Janeiro carnival since Covid

Parades fill the streets of Brazil's Rio de Janeiro for the first carnival since the pandemic began.

2022-04-23 David Nott: The war surgeon helping doctors save lives in Ukraine

David Nott worked in conflict zones around the world - now he's sharing his expertise in Ukraine.

2022-04-23 Shanghai: Censors try to block video about lockdown conditions

The video features people pleading for help over a lack of food and medicine in the city's strict lockdown.

2022-04-22 Mount Everest: Even world's highest peak not immune to the Ukraine war

Nepal's "icefall doctors" are readying routes - but will conflict in Europe mean fewer climbers?

2022-04-22 Art gets police escort out of Ukraine for exhibition

Ukraine showcases its culture at the prestigious arts festival, while protesting against the Russian invasion.

2022-04-22 Shanghai escalates Covid lockdown restrictions

The latest measures will include placing door alarms to prevent those infected from leaving.

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