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2023-06-06 Iran hails 'new era' as embassy reopens in Saudi Arabia

The Iranian deputy foreign minister hails "a new era", seven years after the rivals severed ties.

2023-06-05 Watch as Chinese warship steers near US destroyer

The US Navy says one of its destroyers was forced to slow down after a Chinese warship cut in front of it in the Taiwan Strait.

2023-06-05 Afghan women face 'pandemic of suicidal thoughts'

Afghanistan faces a worsening mental health crisis amid a clampdown on women's freedoms and rights.

2023-06-04 Kashmir battles alarming drug addiction crisis

Experts say drug abuse is devastating the lives of young people in the conflict-hit region.

2023-06-01 US-Taiwan relations: New trade deal to be signed as China tensions rise

The announcement comes ahead of a high-level global security summit in Singapore this weekend.

2023-05-30 Black bear walks into bakery and eats 60 cupcakes

Workers at Taste by Spellbound in Connecticut were shocked when they spotted the uninvited customer.

2023-05-30 Artificial intelligence could lead to extinction, experts warn

Heads of OpenAI, Google Deepmind and Anthropic say the threat is as great as pandemics and nuclear war.

2023-05-30 Covid: Top Chinese scientist says don’t rule out lab leak

The man who led China's pandemic response says inquiries into its origins should consider everything.

2023-05-29 Sudan Darfur crisis: 'Everything civilians can use has been burned or destroyed'

Large-scale destruction caused by Arab militias in western Sudan is now visible from space.

2023-05-28 Portugal housing crisis: 'I'll have to move back in with mum'

Anger is rising in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, where affordable homes are rarer and rarer.

2023-05-26 Connecticut lawmakers exonerate colonial-era 'witches'

In Connecticut, 12 people have been exonerated of witchcraft more than 370 years after their convictions.

2023-05-26 Indiana abortion doctor: Caitlin Bernard fined for speaking about 10-year-old

When Caitlin Bernard went public about treating a 10-year-old rape victim it became a huge story.

2023-05-25 Microsoft: Chinese hackers hit key US bases on Guam

The malware hit facilities on Guam that would be critical to any US response to an invasion of Taiwan.

2023-05-25 Germany falls into recession as inflation hits economy

Rising prices have dampened demand from households and businesses in Europe's largest economy.

2023-05-25 Silicon Valley Bank: 500 jobs cut by new owner First Citizens

The move comes two months after SVB's collapse triggered fears of a banking crisis.

2023-05-23 'Comfort women': Last known Taiwanese survivor dies at 92

Activists estimate 200,000 people were forced into sexual slavery by Japan's forces in World War Two.

2023-05-23 Christian Glass: Family of Colorado man shot by police get $19m settlement

Christian Glass, 22, was killed in his vehicle last June while suffering a mental health crisis.

2023-05-23 Bird flu: Brazil declares animal health emergency after several cases found

The country is the world's largest exporter of chicken meat, and wants to stop the virus spreading.

2023-05-18 Johnny Depp: I'm not going to let this thing define me

Johnny Depp has said he will not let the controversy surrounding his recent court cases define him.

2023-05-18 Ghana IMF loan: Will $3bn solve the economic crisis?

Ghanaians are desperate for help but the intervention may not deal with problems in the long term.

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