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2023-01-30 Nigeria cost-of-living crisis sparks exodus of doctors

A cost-of-living crisis in Nigeria is forcing thousands of young professionals to flee abroad.

2023-01-09 Australia flood crisis: 'Once in a century'

Heavy rain has hit Western Australia, leaving communities stranded and hundreds of people needing evacuation.

2023-01-04 Sri Lanka crisis: Parents forced to pick which child can go to school

The economic crisis may no longer make headlines but it has a devastating effect on education.

2022-12-21 African, Arab or Amazigh? Morocco's identity crisis

How football ignited a debate over whether Moroccans are Africans, Arabs or Amazigh - or all three.

2022-12-17 Peru protests: High-level talks amid deepening crisis

Top politicians and church leaders seek to end deadly protests over the ousting of President Pedro Castillo.

2022-12-14 Peru political crisis: Why is Peru under a state of emergency?

Peru is in the midst of a fresh political crisis after the president was impeached and arrested.

2022-12-09 Canada: Premiers demand to meet Trudeau over health crisis

All 13 provincial leaders renew their calls for more funding from the federal government.

2022-12-08 Sri Lanka crisis: The children going hungry as food prices soar

Soaring food prices in the country have forced many families to go without enough to eat.

2022-11-24 Anwar Ibrahim named Malaysian PM after post-election crisis

After a decades-long quest to become premier, Mr Anwar has finally risen to the top job.

2022-11-05 Cameroon's Anglophone crisis - fuelled by student rejects and poor spelling

Why the marginalisation of English-speaking students in Cameroon mushroomed into open conflict.

2022-10-24 Myanmar crisis: 50 killed in air raid on Kachin rebels, reports say

Villagers said there was no warning before the air force dropped bombs on a concert in Kachin state.

2022-10-17 Germany extends nuclear power amid energy crisis

Russia's disruption of energy supplies scuppers Germany's plan to exit nuclear power this year.

2022-10-17 Venezuela crisis: 7.1m leave country since 2015

Venezuelans leave their homeland in droves - even though many struggle to feed themselves abroad.

2022-10-15 Opioid crisis: US teens fastest growing group to die

Teen deaths from fentanyl overdose rose 20% last year - who is to blame and what can be done?

2022-10-13 France sends Germany gas for first time amid Russia energy crisis

The new flow was sent in "European solidarity" after Russia cut energy supplies to Europe.

2022-10-11 Haiti crisis: Clashes and looting as anger boils over

Gang violence has led to food and fuel shortages which are hitting an already desperate population.

2022-10-07 New York City declares state of emergency over migrant 'crisis situation'

Mayor Eric Adams said the city is on track to spend $1bn this fiscal year to care for asylum seekers.

2022-10-07 Europe energy crisis: Italians told to turn thermostats down

Italy becomes the latest European country to impose energy-saving rules ahead of winter.

2022-10-07 Ukraine war: Biden says nuclear risk highest since 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Joe Biden says President Putin was "not joking" when he spoke of using tactical nuclear weapons.

2022-10-05 Lebanon financial crisis: The people robbing banks to get their own money

Bank customers in Lebanon cannot withdraw more than $400 a month, owing to the financial crisis.

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