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2023-09-16 How the fentanyl crisis' fourth wave has hit every corner of the US

The epidemic's staggering scale and infiltration of communities is laid bare in a new study.

2023-09-01 What a doctor's death in a lift tells us about Africa's debt crisis

Nigeria spends twice as much on debt repayments than on health and education combined, a report says.

2023-08-31 Country Garden: Debt crisis-hit China property giant in record loss

Country Garden reported a record $6.7bn loss for the first six months of the year.

2023-08-28 Evergrande: Shares in the crisis-hit Chinese developer plunge by 80%

The heavily-indebted firm's shares had been suspended from trading in Hong Kong since March last year.

2023-08-25 Canada considers foreign student cap over housing crisis

The country is looking at ways tackle the housing affordability crisis, including capping student visas.

2023-08-21 Canada wildfires: Trudeau criticises Facebook over news ban amid crisis

The prime minister accuses the company of putting profits over safety amid Canada's wildfire crisis.

2023-08-13 New Zealand's youth vaping crisis clouds smoke-free future

As cigarettes are phased out, parents say new laws do little to address rampant vaping by young people.

2023-07-24 Israel judicial reform: What is the crisis about?

Israel has been gripped by months of mass protests against government plans. Here's why.

2023-07-18 Evergrande: Crisis-hit Chinese property giant reveals $81bn loss

The embattled Chinese property giant has reported its long overdue earnings for 2021 and 2022.

2023-07-15 Turkey's deepening economic crisis prompts Erdogan to look West

Turkey's leader hopes to mend relations and reassure foreign investors who ditched his struggling economy.

2023-07-13 Sudan crisis: From Ruto to Sisi, leaders vie to drive peace process

Several different efforts are underway to end the Sudan conflict, which could destabilise its neighbours.

2023-07-04 Crippling fuel crisis turns Cuba to old friend Russia

Crippling fuel shortages on the Caribbean island present opportunities for Russian companies.

2023-06-30 Crisis-hit Pakistan strikes $3bn IMF bailout deal

The South Asian nation is facing its worst economic crisis since independence from Britain in 1947.

2023-06-29 France shooting: Macron's crisis-in-waiting as riots spread

France's suburbs were very different during the 2005 riots but they are still a risk to the president.

2023-06-20 Migrant crisis: Tunisian fisherman finds dead bodies in his net

Many migrants leave from Tunisia by boat to reach Europe, but the consequences can be tragic.

2023-06-17 Sudan crisis: Five children among 17 killed in air strikes

Twenty-five homes were destroyed in the densely populated area of Yarmouk, where civilians are trapped.

2023-06-04 Kashmir battles alarming drug addiction crisis

Experts say drug abuse is devastating the lives of young people in the conflict-hit region.

2023-05-29 Sudan Darfur crisis: 'Everything civilians can use has been burned or destroyed'

Large-scale destruction caused by Arab militias in western Sudan is now visible from space.

2023-05-28 Portugal housing crisis: 'I'll have to move back in with mum'

Anger is rising in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, where affordable homes are rarer and rarer.

2023-05-18 Ghana IMF loan: Will $3bn solve the economic crisis?

Ghanaians are desperate for help but the intervention may not deal with problems in the long term.

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