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2024-07-05 US cities can now punish homelessness. Will it help or hurt a crisis?

Experts argue arresting the homeless will make a crisis worse - but cities face mounting pressure take quick action.

2024-06-25 Tackling US gun violence as a public health crisis. Will it help?

The first-of-its-kind report aims to change the discussion around guns in the US and remove divisive politics in hopes of curbing deaths.

2024-06-19 Inside India’s first emergency room to fight heat crisis

Doctors are fighting to save people from heat strokes in a first-of-its-kind clinic in India's capital.

2024-05-29 Hard choices as Ukraine faces worst crisis since war began

The BBC's Jeremy Bowen explains why there could be a dangerous summer ahead in Ukraine.

2024-05-28 Jeremy Bowen: Ukraine faces its worst crisis since the war began

The composure Ukrainians show in the face of Russian attacks cannot conceal the dangers Kyiv faces in the summer ahead.

2024-04-22 Supreme Court confronts the US homelessness crisis

In a tense hearing, the justices weighed whether sleeping outdoors could be criminally punished.

2024-04-21 US migrant crisis shifts from Texas to California border

A record surge of illegal border crossings in recent years has made immigration a top voter concern.

2024-04-19 Bowen: Crisis shows how badly Iran and Israel understand each other

After decades of rivalry, the rival Middle East powers have both miscalculated, writes Jeremy Bowen.

2024-04-02 Deadly strike shows aid workers' protection in crisis, agencies say

A UN official and aid workers tell the BBC the deadly incident shows the system is not fit for purpose.

2024-03-29 Israel crisis deepens over ultra-Orthodox draft

Ultra-Orthodox in the government react furiously over a High Court order on military service.

2024-03-25 Boeing boss to leave as firm faces safety crisis

Dave Calhoun will leave the planemaker at end of this year amid a deepening crisis over its safety record.

2024-03-14 Water crisis shakes India’s Silicon Valley

With long queues at public taps and fewer showers, Bengaluru's residents reel under a water shortage.

2024-02-21 I miss bread, says girl, as Gaza food crisis mounts

Footage shows desperation as crowds rush to aid deliveries.

2024-02-14 Hungary resignations leave Viktor Orban in biggest crisis yet

Hungary is shaken by the resignations of the two most successful women in the PM's ruling Fidesz party.

2024-02-12 Paytm: Rockstar Indian fintech start-up faces serious crisis

Paytm - India's famous payments app - is facing a regulatory crackdown that's impacting millions.

2024-02-12 Senegal election crisis: 'We feel betrayed by President Macky Sall'

Imams and protesters unite in anger at a poll delay rocking Senegal's democratic credentials.

2024-02-10 Ecowas in crisis: Why West Africa's united front is in tatters

Coups and broken promises test the cohesion of West Africa's regional bloc to breaking point.

2024-02-07 'People will keep dying': Fentanyl crisis grips Mexico's border cities

More Mexicans are consuming the deadly drug, leading to a spike in overdoses.

2024-01-29 Europe migrant crisis: Albanian court greenlights migration deal with Italy

The plan would see Italy send some 3,000 asylum seekers to Albania each month.

2024-01-29 Evergrande: Crisis-hit Chinese property giant ordered to liquidate

The Hong Kong order may matter little in the mainland, where most of the property giant's assets are held.

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