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2022-05-09 Sri Lanka: Protesters take over streets as country faces economic crisis

It comes as the country's PM, Mahinda Rajapaksa, resigns amid Sri Lanka's deepening economic crisis.

2022-05-09 Mahinda Rajapaksa: Sri Lankan PM resigns amid economic crisis

Protesters have been out on the streets since last month over soaring prices and power cuts.

2022-05-05 Sri Lanka's energy crisis hits country's fishing industry

A lack of fuel, ice, and places to sell their catch has left fishermen in Jaffna in the lurch.

2022-04-30 Sri Lanka hikes price of medicines 40% amid economic crisis

Prices rise 40% as an economic crisis bites, leaving some Sri Lankans cutting short treatments.

2022-04-18 Irish Travellers 'mental health crisis' driven by discrimination and deprivation

Discrimination and deprivation are among key factors in the struggles felt by the community in Ireland.

2022-04-18 Irish Travellers say racism is causing a suicide crisis

More than one in 10 deaths in the community are recorded as suicide, with systematic racism being blamed.

2022-04-17 Sri Lanka healthcare on verge of collapse in economic crisis

Doctors warn of catastrophe in Sri Lanka where medical supplies are running out in the financial crisis.

2022-04-08 Ukraine crisis: Burnt-out cars and debris at Kramatorsk station

Burnt-out cars and abandoned belongings at Kramatorsk railway station in eastern Ukraine.

2022-04-08 Ukraine: Six weeks of devastation and defiance as world grapples with the crisis

The BBC's Jeremy Bowen takes stock of the war and its significance for the world.

2022-04-08 Sri Lanka fuel crisis: Only God can help us now

Millions are having to endure daily power cuts and queue for hours to get basics like cooking gas and diesel.

2022-04-05 Sri Lanka medical authorities declare health emergency as crisis worsens

State healthcare facilities will only prioritise emergency and urgent care due to a lack of medicine.

2022-04-05 Sri Lanka central bank to get new governor amid economic crisis

P Nandalal Weerasinghe told the BBC that he will take up the role of the bank's governor on Thursday.

2022-04-05 Sudan Darfur crisis: ICC to try war crimes suspect

The trial is a momentous day for victims of the conflict in Sudan, a human rights lawyer says.

2022-04-03 Sri Lanka's cabinet ministers resign as crisis protesters defy curfew

The resignations come as protesters faced off with police over rising living costs.

2022-03-29 Ukraine crisis: Why India is buying more Russian oil

Imports of cheaper Russian oil by India are rising, despite calls for Russia's economic isolation.

2022-03-08 War in Ukraine: Crisis is unleashing 'hell on earth' for food prices

The Ukraine war could push millions closer to starvation, the boss of the World Food Programme says.

2022-03-06 Ukraine crisis: The free world fights back against Putin

Several US presidents have failed to get the measure of him but now Europe has joined the fray things may change.

2022-03-04 Ukraine crisis: Kharkiv residents still sheltering underground a week on

The BBC's Sarah Rainsford reports from a metro station where people have been sheltering from attacks.

2022-03-03 Sackler family to pay $6bn for role in US opioid crisis

Purdue Pharma, owned by the family, admitted marketing a painkiller it knew was highly addictive.

2022-03-02 Ukraine crisis: What sanctions could West still impose on Russia?

The measures are tougher than anything Vladimir Putin has faced. But more could be coming.

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