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2023-05-02 Sudan crisis: Civilians facing 'catastrophe' as 100,000 flee fighting - UN

A further 334,000 people have been displaced within Sudan, but hopes rise of possible peace talks.

2023-04-30 Sudan crisis: Chaos at port as thousands rush to leave

The BBC's Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet reports from Port Sudan as thousands flee.

2023-04-30 Sudan crisis: Air strikes and fighting in Khartoum as truce collapses

The army says it is attacking the capital from all directions to flush out its paramilitary rivals.

2023-04-29 Sudan crisis risks becoming a nightmare for the world - former PM Hamdok

Former PM Abdalla Hamdok says the Sudan conflict could become worse than the wars in Syria and Libya.

2023-04-28 Sudan crisis: The football coach forced to flee Khartoum

Florent Ibenge, in charge of the country's leading club, hopes to be reunited with his players soon.

2023-04-28 Sudan crisis: Family stuck at Egypt border as drivers demand $40,000 to cross

The Atabani family tell the BBC that thousands are stuck at the border as the cost to cross soars.

2023-04-28 Sudan crisis: Turkish evacuation plane fired on

Paramilitary fighters deny involvement, saying they are committed to the extended truce.

2023-04-28 Sri Lankan central bank lays out extent of crisis

The central bank's annual report highlighted the "unprecedented" increases in food and fuel prices.

2023-04-27 Sudan crisis: Ceasefire extended but fighting continues

The warring sides agree to renew the truce just before it is due to end but there are doubts it can hold.

2023-04-27 Sudan crisis: Three ways the conflict could play out

The BBC speaks to analysts to help map out the scenarios that may unfold in the next few weeks.

2023-04-26 Sudan crisis: War crimes suspect freed amid chaos

Ahmad Harun says he and other former government officials are no longer in prison in Khartoum.

2023-04-25 Half of NYC households face cost of living crisis

A family of four in New York City needs to make more than $100,000 to cover basic costs, according to a new analysis.

2023-04-25 Sudan crisis: WHO warns of biological hazard at seized lab

A lab has been seized by one of the sides involved in fighting in Khartoum, according to the WHO.

2023-04-24 Haiti crisis: Mob burns suspected gang members to death

The latest violence comes as the UN says insecurity in the capital is at a level similar to war.

2023-04-24 Sudan crisis: UK citizens 'abandoned' as evacuations fail to materialise

UK citizens in Sudan say they have been left behind, as other nations ramp up evacuations.

2023-04-22 Sudan crisis: Egypt's dilemma over the fighting

The fighting has sent shockwaves through the region but Egypt seems paralysed over what to do.

2023-04-20 Cocaine smuggling submarine reveals Europe's drug crisis

The carbon fibre vessel took three men and $150m of drugs from the Amazon rainforest to Spain.

2023-04-19 India population: The job crisis driving millions to big cities

Indians are migrating to big cities in search of a better life - but are there enough jobs for them?

2023-04-18 What Americans can learn from Denmark on handling debt ceiling crisis

Only two industrialised nations have debt ceilings - how come only the US fights about it?

2023-04-17 Sudan crisis: Burhan and Hemedti - the two generals at the heart of the conflict

Gen Burhan and Gen Dagalo's tense relationship has spiralled into conflict engulfing the country.

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