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2021-09-27 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Why are hundreds of aid trucks stranded?

The UN says hundreds of trucks have not returned from Tigray and it's affecting the flow of aid.

2021-09-23 Evergrande: Shares in crisis-hit firm jump as debt deadline looms

The debt-laden developer is due to make a $83.5m interest payment on an overseas bond on Thursday.

2021-09-22 Gas crisis: Two energy firms go bust amid warning more to come
2021-09-22 Evergrande: Crisis-hit firm strikes China debt deal

The company is also due to make a $83.5m interest payment on an offshore bond on Thursday.

2021-09-21 BlackRock and HSBC funds boosted Evergrande holdings as crisis loomed
2021-09-20 British energy firms fear collapse as Europe’s gas crisis sees prices surge 250%
2021-09-20 Evergrande could trigger a global economic crisis
2021-09-18 Evergrande Crisis Rattles Economy
2021-09-17 US immigration: Thousands gather under bridge at US-Mexico border in growing crisis

The mostly Haitian migrants are sleeping under the Del Rio bridge in squalid conditions.

2021-09-16 Simone Biles condemns U.S. Olympic Committee, FBI for sex-abuse crisis
2021-09-16 One Stuck Box of Fertilizer Shows the Global Supply Chain Crisis
2021-09-15 Jupiter’s energy crisis solved: Auroras roast upper atmosphere
2021-09-13 Why even giant ships can't solve the shipping crisis

A shortage of vessels is hampering global trade and may lead to empty shelves before Christmas.

2021-09-13 Evergrande Crisis Escalates as Protests Break Out in China
2021-09-13 Afghanistan crisis: Taliban kill civilians in resistance stronghold

The militants target civilians in Panjshir, the BBC finds, despite promises of restraint.

2021-09-11 Nigeria's kidnap crisis: Letters replace phones

The latest tactic to tackle kidnapping gangs is to cut off mobiles and the internet.

2021-09-10 Lebanon gets new government amid deepening crisis

The country's richest man becomes prime minister, ending more than a year of political paralysis.

2021-09-09 Afghanistan crisis: Five lessons learned (or not) since 9/11

Some fatal mistakes have undermined the fight against terror, says the BBC's Frank Gardner.

2021-09-08 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Mass graves found - Amhara officials

The bodies of some 119 civilians are found by local officials - rebel forces deny responsibility.

2021-09-07 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: TPLF says 150 have died of starvation

There is a "complete depletion of food stocks" in the Ethiopian region of Tigray, the TPLF says.

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