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Date Title
2021-10-11 Large fire breaks out at oil facility in crisis-hit Lebanon

The blaze in Zahrani comes as the country grapples with chronic power outages.

2021-10-10 An energy crisis is gripping the world, with potentially grave consequences
2021-10-08 Dwindling Alaska salmon leave Yukon River tribes in crisis
2021-10-06 Opioid crisis: US pharmacies face moment of truth as trial begins

Major pharmacy chains are accused of fuelling the US opioid crisis and could face billions of dollars in damages if found liable.

2021-10-06 When Safe Proved Risky:Commercial Paper During the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009
2021-10-05 Mozambique crisis: Rwandan troops find sex slaves and destroyed mosques

A month-long operation by Rwandan troops reverses militant gains in northern Mozambique.

2021-10-05 UN Report Warns of Global Water Crisis Amid Climate Change
2021-10-04 Activision has a big problem beyond its culture crisis: its games
2021-10-03 Sons of Mocímboa: Mozambique’s terrorism crisis

Africa Eye investigates how a secretive insurgency has turned Mozambique into Southern Africa’s latest terrorism hotspot.

2021-10-03 Ethiopia Tigray crisis: From monk to soldier - how war has split a church

The war in northern Ethiopia has caused deep divisions in the country's largest religious community.

2021-10-02 ‘A perfect storm’: supply chain crisis could blow world economy off course
2021-10-01 Banking-Crisis Interventions, 1257-2019 [pdf]
2021-09-30 Low oxygen levels along Pacific Northwest coast a ‘silent’ climate change crisis
2021-09-30 Ethiopia expels top UN officials amid Tigray aid crisis

The expulsions follow concerns raised by the UN about aid reaching the war-torn Tigray region.

2021-09-29 WHO employees took part in Congo sex abuses in Ebola crisis
2021-09-28 German coalition talks: Where Brits see a crisis, Germans find unity

Coalition governments are rare in the UK. Germany has had nothing but them since the end of the war.

2021-09-27 UK electric car inquiries soar during fuel supply crisis
2021-09-27 Subprime Attention Crisis
2021-09-27 Europe's energy crisis is coming for the rest of the world, too
2021-09-27 China Evergrande: What the company's debt crisis means for the world

The property giant has missed an interest payment deadline, fuelling concerns that it will collapse.

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