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2022-02-12 Nato and its role in the Ukraine crisis

The role of Nato is crucial in our understanding of Russia's troop build-up and the West's reaction to it.

2022-02-11 Ukraine crisis: Russia ready for major military action, says US advisor

US National Secretary Adviser Jake Sullivan warns that Russia is ready "to mount a major military action" in Ukraine.

2022-02-08 Ukraine crisis: Macron says Putin pledges no new Ukraine escalation

The French president tells reporters that the Russian leader gave him assurances in talks in Moscow.

2022-02-08 Ukraine crisis: Macron says crucial days ahead after Putin summit

Russia's Vladimir Putin indicates some progress was made during talks with the French leader.

2022-02-07 Ukraine crisis: World leaders step up talks amid invasion fears

Talks begin in Moscow between the French and Russian leaders amid fears Russia could invade Ukraine.

2022-02-07 Ukraine crisis: 'It’s like they stuck a knife in our back'

Ukraine has been living with war for the past eight years, and people in Dnipro are dealing with past scars and the threat of more to come.

2022-02-06 Ukraine crisis: Macron says a deal to avoid war is within reach

France's leader calls for a "new balance" to protect European states while affording Russia respect.

2022-02-03 China: What does it want from the Ukraine crisis with Russia?

As Xi and Putin prepare to meet, China says it supports Russia's concerns - but doesn't want war.

2022-02-03 Ukraine crisis: The teenage rock band finding solace in music

While troops prepare for a possible Russian invasion on Ukraine’s front line, a teenage rock band in the nearby town of Avdiyivka is finding solace in music.

2022-02-03 Budget 2022: India's job crisis leading to a 'nowhere generation'

Finding opportunities for hundreds of millions of young Indians is crucial for the country's future.

2022-02-03 Russia-Ukraine crisis far from minds in idyllic Vladimir

Russians in the ancient town of Vladimir have little time for talk of conflict with their neighbour.

2022-01-30 Ukraine crisis: What’s at stake for the UK?

From the disruption of gas supplies to the risk of broader war, the Ukraine crisis matters to the UK.

2022-01-30 UK PM mulls bigger troop offer amid Ukraine crisis

A possible offer to bolster Nato forces comes as ministers prepare a diplomatic blitz on Moscow.

2022-01-29 Storm Ana: Deadly Africa storm shows climate crisis reality - UN

Rescue workers in southern Africa are trying to reach thousands stranded as more are found dead.

2022-01-29 Ukraine crisis: Russian attack would be 'horrific', US warns

Top US General Mark Milley says the build-up of Russian troops is the largest since the Cold War.

2022-01-28 Ukraine crisis: Don't create panic, Zelensky tells West

President Volodymyr Zelensky says warnings of a Russian invasion are putting the economy at risk.

2022-01-28 Ukraine crisis: US ignored Russia's security concerns, Putin says

The president's comments come after the US rejected Moscow's main demands over Ukraine.

2022-01-28 Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin's geopolitical jigsaw

Invasion or fear strategy: the Russian leader keeps everyone guessing on his real plans for Ukraine.

2022-01-28 Ukraine crisis: Biden warns Russia may invade next month

Tens of thousands of Russian troops are at Ukraine's border, sparking fears of an invasion.

2022-01-27 Ukraine crisis: Nord Stream 2 pipeline could be axed, US warns

Washington threatens to halt a lucrative gas pipeline between Russia and Western Europe.

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