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2023-01-22 How Ukraine war led to a new Indian beer in Poland

Two Indians turned a crisis into opportunity when they were stuck with a shipment of rice flakes.

2023-01-20 Afghanistan: Some Taliban open to women's rights talks - top UN official

Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed has met Taliban officials amid a deepening crisis.

2023-01-20 Lebanon MPs sit in as 11th vote for president fails

The MPs, who spent the night without electricity, vow to stay put until the crisis is solved.

2023-01-19 Gallery owner who hosed homeless woman in San Francisco arrested

Collier Gwin is charged with battery after being filmed spraying a woman with a hose in San Francisco.

2023-01-18 Census in India: Baffling lack of data is hurting Indians

The government blames Covid for the delay in new data, which is now hitting crucial policy areas.

2023-01-18 Golden Globes: Several celebrities announce Covid days after awards

A number of celebrities who attended this year's awards test positive for Covid-19 days later.

2023-01-14 China coronavirus: 60,000 Covid-related deaths in just over a month

It is the first major death toll released since the country stopped its zero-Covid policy.

2023-01-14 California youths help storm clean-up as schools reopen

The clean-up effort is ongoing, even as more storms force closures and disrupt life for millions.

2023-01-13 California’s homeless battle floods and storms

Few are feeling the rage of California's storms as much as the state's 170,000 homeless people.

2023-01-13 China Covid: Infections will surge in rural areas over lunar new year, epidemiologist warns

The lack of medical resources in the countryside will compound the situation, Zeng Guang said.

2023-01-12 China Covid: New year optimism sees hopes of moving beyond virus

The true scale of the Covid wave is unclear, but many are now looking to the new year with optimism.

2023-01-12 Riverdance's Michael Flatley has 'aggressive cancer'

The US dancer and choreographer has had surgery and is in the care of "an excellent team of doctors".

2023-01-11 Turkey doctors' chief sentenced over call for chemical weapons inquiry

Rights groups say Sebnem Korur Fincanci's detention was an attempt to silence criticism.

2023-01-11 France's health system under pressure of increasing demands

Some rural and suburban areas have no local doctors, while GPs in cities are working 60-hour weeks.

2023-01-10 House of the Vettii: Pompeii home owned by former slaves reopens

The house, featuring erotic art and bronze statues, was the epitome of wealth in ancient times.

2023-01-10 How the Biden-Trump classified documents cases are different

There are some key differences between the two cases, which centre on their handling of secret files.

2023-01-10 China blocks S Korea and Japan visas over Covid

Beijing called S Korean restrictions on Chinese visitors unacceptable and has now retaliated.

2023-01-09 Australian Open: Players can compete if they have Covid-19

Players at the Australian Open will not need to take Covid-19 tests and could play if they have the virus.

2023-01-09 China Covid: More than 88 million people in Henan infected, official says

Some 89% of people in Henan province have been infected but visits to clinics have peaked.

2023-01-09 Australia flood crisis: 'Once in a century'

Heavy rain has hit Western Australia, leaving communities stranded and hundreds of people needing evacuation.

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