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2024-05-28 South Africans still battling ‘economic apartheid’ 30 years on

The levels of homelessness underscore that the country has a way to go to shake off its history.

2024-05-28 Jeremy Bowen: Ukraine faces its worst crisis since the war began

The composure Ukrainians show in the face of Russian attacks cannot conceal the dangers Kyiv faces in the summer ahead.

2024-05-27 Marian Keyes: 'I would never have been a writer if I was still drinking'

Marian Keyes talks about staying sober, managing depression and Irish storytelling at the Hay Festival.

2024-05-26 Priced out of homeownership - 'It makes me want to throw up'

The US housing market has changed dramatically since the pandemic - an issue looming over the election.

2024-05-26 UN fears 670 people buried under Papua landslide

The land is still sliding and rescue is difficult, the head of the UN migration agency says.

2024-05-26 Waterborne disease outbreak after Brazil floods kills four

Authorities in Rio Grande do Sul are investigating more than 800 suspected cases of leptospirosis after unprecedented floods.

2024-05-24 Veteran sketch artists never seen a trial like Trump's

The sketch artists at Trump's trial have covered decades of high-profile cases. The former president's was unlike all others.

2024-05-23 China's drills show it really doesn't like Taiwan's new president

China's chorus of condemnation of President Lai, who took office this week, has been unequivocally acerbic.

2024-05-23 China holds military drills around Taiwan as 'strong punishment'

The military manoeuvres come three days after William Lai was sworn in as Taiwan's president.

2024-05-23 China holds military drills around Taiwan as 'punishment'

The drills come three days after the self-governed island's new leader, William Lai, assumed office.

2024-05-22 The Mexican state where candidates are gunned down as they push for votes

Politicians are shocked by an even more violent campaign than usual, particularly in Guerrero state.

2024-05-22 Chinese blogger who filmed Wuhan lockdown is free

Zhang Zhan spent four years in jail after providing critical coverage of the response to Covid-19.

2024-05-22 Watch: Inside wrecked plane after massive turbulence

Footage shows injured passengers, items strewn across the floor and oxygen masks dangling.

2024-05-21 Trump won't testify as defence and prosecution rest cases

Justice Juan Merchan dismissed the jury until next week and oversaw preparing instructions ahead of their deliberations.

2024-05-21 Seven Palestinians killed in Israeli West Bank raid

The Palestinian health ministry says those killed include a doctor who was on his way to work.

2024-05-21 Haiti airport reopens after weeks of gang violence

A single commercial flight left the capital Port-au-Prince on Monday and later landed in Florida.

2024-05-20 'Stop threatening us', Taiwan's new president tells China

He urged Beijing to replace confrontation with dialogue, shortly after being sworn in on Monday.

2024-05-18 Taiwan's steely leader rewrote the book on how to deal with China

Taiwan's outgoing president says boosting her country's military was the only way to defy China's threat.

2024-05-16 Kharkiv fighting difficult but under control - Zelensky

Ukraine is halting further Russian advances after suffering its largest territorial loss for 18 months.

2024-05-16 Worry as release of Wuhan blogger remains unclear

Zhang Zhan's condition is unclear several days after her scheduled release from jail.

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