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2023-05-25 Germany falls into recession as inflation hits economy

Rising prices have dampened demand from households and businesses in Europe's largest economy.

2023-01-02 Third of world in recession this year, IMF head warns

Kristalina Georgieva says 2023 will be "tougher" than last year as the global economy faces challenges.

2022-09-21 Recession: Is the US heading into an 'ugly' downturn?

With stocks tanking and grocery bills high, many Americans feel like the economy is in a recession.

2022-07-28 US economy shrinks again sparking recession fears

The US economy contracted at an annual rate of 0.9% in the three months to July.

2022-05-26 Ukraine war: World Bank boss warns over global recession

David Malpass also said coronavirus lockdowns in China are contributing to a global slowdown.

2021-07-31 As lockdowns lift, media firms brace for an “attention recession”
2021-06-08 The Great Recession and the Crapification of Products
2020-11-16 Japan leads economic 'Zoom boom' out of recession

Asian economies are leading the way as they show signs of bouncing back from the Covid-19 slump.

2020-11-05 Indonesia in recession for first time in 22 years

South East Asia's biggest economy relies heavily on tourism, which has dried up during travel curbs.

2020-09-30 The Covid-19 recession is the most unequal in modern U.S. history
2020-09-17 Covid pushes New Zealand into worst recession in years

The country saw early success in keeping out the virus, but strict measures have taken a toll.

2020-09-15 Asia sees first regional recession in 60 years

The region's economy will shrink 0.7% in 2020 but rebound next year, says the Asian Development Bank.

2020-09-06 Doesn’t Feel Like a Recession? You Should Be Paying More in Taxes
2020-09-02 Australia in first recession for nearly 30 years

Australia's economy has shrunk the most since records began in 1959 due to lockdowns.

2020-08-31 François Chollet (Keras creator): we're witnessing a deep learning recession
2020-08-27 We'll be stuck in this recession for years, economists say
2020-08-12 UK officially in recession for first time in 11 years
2020-08-09 The Most Counterintuitive Recession Ever
2020-07-23 Coronavirus: South Korea in recession as exports at 57-year low

It joins a growing list of trade-reliant countries that have seen their economies slump.

2020-07-10 Singapore election held against backdrop of pandemic and recession

Strict safety measures are in place, with voters concerned about the virus and a looming recession.

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