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2022-12-08 Li Wenliang: Chinese pour hearts out on Covid martyr's page

Thousands are leaving emotional comments on the online page of a doctor who sounded the Covid alarm.

2022-12-07 China zero-Covid: Hope and worry in Beijing as key policies scrapped

People in Beijing see a cautious return to life after China lifts its most severe Covid restrictions.

2022-12-07 China abandons key parts of zero-Covid strategy after protests

Officials say asymptomatic and mild cases will no longer be forced into state quarantine centres.

2022-12-05 China Covid: Xi's face-saving exit from his signature policy

If you want to know what the government's plan is, look at what it does rather than what it says.

2022-12-01 China signals ease in Covid policy after mass protests

Dozens of districts in major cities have now begun lifting lockdown measures despite high case numbers.

2022-11-30 China Covid: Unrest continues in Guangzhou as lockdown anger grows

Protesters hurled debris and glass at police in the latest expression of anger at zero-Covid rules.

2022-11-30 Ros Atkins on... China's crackdown on Covid protests

The BBC's Ros Atkins looks at how authorities have clamped down on protests against Covid measures.

2022-11-29 China plans 'crackdown' after Covid protests

Warnings of a crackdown come as Chinese health officials vow to reduce the inconvenience caused by Covid.

2022-11-29 New South Wales scraps tens of thousands of Covid fines

A Supreme Court decision deems the fines invalid after they were challenged for being "too vague".

2022-11-28 China Covid: How five dramatic days of protests unfolded

After a deadly fire in a locked down building, people are demanding an end to Covid restrictions.

2022-11-28 China Covid: Heavy police presence after days of protests

Demonstrations over Covid restrictions that erupted at the weekend now appear to have died down.

2022-11-28 China Covid: Chinese TV censors shots of maskless World Cup fans

As anti-lockdown protests rock China, state TV tries to hide a world moving on from Covid.

2022-11-28 China Covid: BBC journalist detained by police during protests

Ed Lawrence was beaten and arrested by Shanghai police while covering anti-government rallies.

2022-11-28 China Covid protests: Fury and fear of virus puts Xi Jinping in a bind

For three years the patience of one billion Chinese was stretched with lockdowns - now it's snapped.

2022-11-28 Chinese police: Delete photos or face arrest at Shanghai Covid protest site

Authorities are stopping anyone taking photos at the Shanghai Covid protest site.

2022-11-27 China Covid: Shocking protests are huge challenge for China's leaders

China's rulers appear to have drastically underestimated growing discontent at Xi Jinping's zero-Covid policy.

2022-11-27 Zero-Covid anger grows after deadly China fire

Protesters take to the streets in Shanghai and Nanjing in response to a fire that killed 10 in Urumqi.

2022-11-27 Covid protests widen in China after Urumqi fire

Videos on social media appear to show some protesters asking leader Xi Jinping to resign.

2022-11-26 China Xinjiang: Urumqi rocked by Covid lockdown protests after deadly fire

Urumqi residents confronted officials amid claims Covid restrictions stopped people escaping a blaze.

2022-11-24 China Covid: Record number of cases as virus surges nationwide

Residents in thousands of Beijing tower blocks are ordered to remain indoors as workplaces shut down.

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