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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2020-07-08 Canada projects $343bn deficit amid Covid 'uncertainty'

The government has been pumping money into the economy to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

2020-07-08 Harvard professor to launch nasal spray that could reduce Covid transmission
2020-07-08 Increase in delirium, rare brain inflammation and stroke linked to Covid-19
2020-07-08 Analytics show how Covid-19 changes music streaming habits
2020-07-08 Scientists warn of potential wave of Covid-linked brain damage
2020-07-07 Coronavirus: The fight to prove Covid-19 is real as cases rise in Africa

Cases of coronavirus are on the rise across Africa. But in some countries, people don’t believe the pandemic is real.

2020-07-07 Sweden: higher Covid-19 death rate while failing to collect on economic gains
2020-07-07 Coronavirus: Brazil's President Bolsonaro removes mask despite positive Covid-19 test

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has previously been criticised for calling the virus a "little flu".

2020-07-07 Ireland's Health Service Open Sources Official Covid-19 Tracking App
2020-07-07 India coronavirus: Life-saving Covid-19 drugs sold on Delhi black market

Desperate Indian families searching for remdesivir are paying excessive sums to black market dealers.

2020-07-06 Building a CT Scan Covid-19 Classifier Using PyTorch
2020-07-06 Tesla to make molecule printers for German Covid-19 vaccine developer CureVac
2020-07-06 Coronavirus: The plant some thought could cure Covid-19

The Madagascan president had suggested the Lengana plant would cure the disease.

2020-07-06 Coronavirus: India overtakes Russia in Covid-19 cases

India has been adding more than 20,000 fresh infections every day for the last four days.

2020-07-06 Covid-Like Virus Was Sent to Wuhan in 2013, Sunday Times Says
2020-07-06 Covid-19 Treatment with Zinc Plus Low Dose Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin
2020-07-05 Black Death, Covid, and Why We Keep Telling the Myth of a Renaissance Golden Age
2020-07-04 COVID-19: Excess mortality statistics and their comparability across countries
2020-07-04 How Exactly Do You Catch COVID-19? There Is a Growing Consensus
2020-07-03 The major genetic risk factor for severe Covid-19 is inherited from Neandertals
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