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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2022-06-22 Covid vaccines are being rolled out to US children under 5

Some 17 million US children between six months and five years old are now eligible for Covid jabs.

2022-06-17 Covid infections up after Platinum Jubilee celebrations

The latest UK figures cover the long weekend of partying and suggest one in 45 has Covid.

2022-06-17 WTO agrees deals on Covid vaccines and overfishing

The World Trade Organization announces a raft of agreements after five days of negotiations.

2022-06-12 Covid: Dozens of Covid cases linked to Beijing bar

Mass testing is taking place after more than 160 cases are linked to a bar in the capital.

2022-06-10 Covid: US to drop test requirement for air travellers

The change, which comes into effect on Sunday, comes after pressure from the travel industry.

2022-06-09 Covid-19: Japan reopens to tourists - but with strict rules

The once-popular Asian destination has some of the world's toughest Covid-19 restrictions.

2022-06-08 Covid-19 in China: Shanghai getting used to 'new normal'

The city had been in lockdown for two months as China imposed its "zero Covid" policy on the population of 25m.

2022-06-04 Russian man accused of Alexander Litvinenko killing dies of Covid-19

Dmitry Kovtun, one of two men the UK says were behind the poisoning, has died in Russia of Covid.

2022-06-03 Covid: Why do some vaccines protect you for longer than others?

Here's why you need more than one Covid jab.

2022-06-01 North Korea: The mystery of its Covid outbreak

North Korea is tackling Covid cases across the country, but very little is known about the scale of the crisis.

2022-06-01 Shanghai lockdown: Cheers and beers as Covid curbs are eased

Residents celebrated in the streets after midnight when restrictions were relaxed.

2022-05-31 Shanghai lockdown: China eases Covid restrictions after two months

China's biggest city, a vital global trade hub, begins to relax crippling Covid restrictions.

2022-05-30 Shanghai lockdown: China's financial hub set to lift Covid curbs

Authorities in the commercial hub have also announced new economic support measures for businesses.

2022-05-23 World faces big challenges over Covid, monkeypox and wars - WHO

The warning by the UN health agency's chief comes amid an unusual monkeypox outbreak outside Africa.

2022-05-21 Spain lifts Covid ban on unvaccinated travellers

UK holidaymakers without a jab will be allowed entry with a negative test or proof of recovery.

2022-05-21 Covid in North Korea: No response to US vaccine offer

On a visit to the region, President Joe Biden said the US could provide Covid-19 jabs "immediately".

2022-05-19 North Korea: Fighting Covid with traditional medicine

As Covid spreads in North Korea, state media urges the use of traditional medicine against the virus.

2022-05-18 Gambler to pay back Japanese Covid-19 fund he spent

The man's lawyer said his client gambled the pay-out after it was mistakenly paid to his bank account.

2022-05-17 Man gambles away huge accidental Covid payment in Japan

The Japanese man's lawyer says the 46.3m yen ($357,400) meant for 463 people cannot be paid back.

2022-05-16 North Korea: More than a million Covid cases feared

The military has been ordered to intervene as a wave of Covid cases sweeps the unvaccinated country.

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