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2022-12-08 Fauci: 'Low-life trolls harass my wife and kids'

Dr Anthony Fauci speaks to Americast as he stands down as chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden.

2022-08-22 Dr Anthony Fauci to step down from government in December

The infectious disease specialist became the most famous doctor in the US during the pandemic.

2022-01-16 Key moments: Dr Anthony Fauci and the pandemic

After a viral hot mic moment, here's how Fauci's frustration has been building for the last two years.

2021-12-01 Lara Logan: Fox News host condemned over Fauci Nazi doctor comments

Lara Logan compared Dr Anthony Fauci to Joseph Mengele - the Auschwitz doctor known as the "Angel of Death".

2021-10-06 An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci (1988)
2021-09-20 Fauci looks to boost vaccines as US infections rise

The US daily death toll from Covid-19 has risen above 2,000 for the first time since February.

2021-07-31 Fauci wants to make vaccines for the next pandemic before it hits
2021-07-25 Covid: Fauci says US heading in wrong direction as cases rise

President Joe Biden's top medical adviser says cases are rising in areas with low vaccination rates.

2021-06-23 Dr Fauci on Delta variant: Unvaccinated Americans risk new Covid surge

The White House virus adviser tells the BBC the Delta variant will spread unless more Americans get the shot.

2021-06-17 Scientist Opens Up About His Early Email to Fauci on Virus Origins
2021-06-04 White House defends Dr Fauci over lab leak emails

Dr Fauci tells a cable channel an email exchange on the origins of Covid-19 was being misconstrued.

2021-06-02 Leopold NIH FOIA Anthony Fauci Emails – DocumentCloud
2021-06-02 Why are people talking about Dr Anthony Fauci's emails?

The US infectious disease chief's emails take us behind the scenes of the early pandemic response.

2021-06-02 Anthony Fauci’s emails: ‘All is well despite some crazy people in this world’
2021-04-13 Covid: Return to normality won't be a light switch moment, says Fauci

Dr Anthony Fauci, the top Covid adviser in the US, says a return to normality will be gradual.

2021-04-11 Fauci ‘not sure’ why Texas doesn’t have Covid uptick after nixing masks
2021-02-16 Fauci wins $1M Israeli prize for ‘defending science’
2021-02-16 Anthony Fauci wins Israel's Dan David $1m prize for 'defending science'

The US top infectious diseases expert receives an Israeli prize for his work during the Covid crisis.

2021-02-01 Doctor Do-Little – The Case Against Anthony Fauci
2020-12-31 Fauci urges calm as mutated Covid-19 strain from UK found in California
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