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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

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2021-05-11 How Italy's healthcare staff survived the pandemic

Nurses in Italy have been instrumental in helping to fight Covid-19 - but it's taken a heavy toll.

2021-05-11 Policymakers Used to Ignore Child Care. Then Came the Pandemic
2021-05-09 Covid-19 pandemic: Sex workers in Germany 'at risk'

Sex workers in Germany say a countrywide ban on the industry forces many into poverty and danger.

2021-05-07 India's Covid pandemic: Girl, 5, separated from family by Australia restrictions

Drisya and Dilin have not seen their daughter for 17 months due to Australia's Covid border closures.

2021-05-06 Eurovision's noisy fans are back despite Dutch pandemic

It's Europe's most popular cultural event and the Netherlands will host it despite battling a third Covid wave.

2021-05-05 WHO, Germany launch new global hub for pandemic and epidemic intelligence
2021-05-05 US dog shelters struggle with returns after pandemic adoption boom

Some pets adopted early in the pandemic are now being sent back.

2021-05-04 What Caused the Roaring Twenties? Not the End of a Pandemic (Probably)
2021-05-03 New threats to an old problem: The pandemic has made 'brain drain' even worse
2021-05-03 India Covid pandemic: Delhi calls for army help amid crisis

Hospitals in India's capitals are full and facing shortages of oxygen as Covid cases surge.

2021-04-29 Flu has disappeared worldwide during the Covid pandemic
2021-04-27 What It’s Like to Have Face Blindness During the Pandemic
2021-04-26 Moderna waiving Intellectual Property rights for the remainder of the pandemic (2020)
2021-04-25 ‘We are drowning in insecurity’: young people and life after the pandemic
2021-04-24 Twitter censored tweets critical of India’s handling of the pandemic
2021-04-24 Twitter takes down tweets criticising handling of pandemic at government request
2021-04-24 Mall department stores were struggling; the pandemic has pushed them to the edge
2021-04-23 Tokyo Olympics: The challenges of training in a Covid pandemic

Athletes tell us what it's like training for the world's biggest sporting event during a pandemic.

2021-04-23 Suicide has become rarer during the pandemic
2021-04-22 The pandemic has been awful. But imagine it had struck 20 years ago
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