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2024-06-18 Should I worry about a bird flu pandemic?

Bird flu is spreading in cattle herds in the US in a surprising development that’s worrying scientists.

2024-01-09 Global economy set for weakest growth since pandemic, warns World Bank

Concerns over interest rates and Middle East mean the World Bank expects growth of just 2.4% in 2024.

2023-09-13 Qantas illegally fired 1,700 workers at start of pandemic, court rules

The airline has been embroiled in several scandals related to its business practices during the pandemic.

2023-08-31 Covid fraudster used pandemic rescue funds to buy alpaca farm

The pizzeria owner used a $660,000 Covid-era loan to buy a farm, cars, and radio airtime.

2023-07-26 North Korea: China and Russia in first post-pandemic visits

Russian and Chinese delegations are the first to visit after the country shut borders due to the pandemic.

2023-07-08 Ghana's batmen hunting for pandemic clues

Scientists want to understand exactly how pathogens can jump species and what the next threat may be.

2023-06-05 Afghan women face 'pandemic of suicidal thoughts'

Afghanistan faces a worsening mental health crisis amid a clampdown on women's freedoms and rights.

2023-05-09 Title 42: The pandemic-era border policy explained

Trump imposed it and Biden supported it. Now the restrictive rule is about to be lifted.

2023-05-04 Covid: China tourism rebounds above pre-pandemic levels

Domestic travel in the country jumped sharply during the five-day May Day break.

2023-03-30 US child gunshot ER visits surged during pandemic, CDC says

Gun-related hospital visits rose all across the US, but young girls suffered the biggest increase.

2023-02-11 John Tory: Toronto mayor quits after affair with ex-staffer during pandemic

John Tory said the relationship was "a serious error in judgement" after it was revealed by a newspaper.

2023-01-23 Covid: Thailand tourism up but still below pre-pandemic level

The holiday destination is set to start charging overseas visitors $9.20 each from the start of June.

2022-11-29 Philippines sees a pandemic boom in child sex abuse

Lockdowns and school closures left children at home with poor parents, desperate to make money.

2022-10-25 'I feel less alone': The pandemic's varied effects on wellbeing

The WHO says a poll commissioned by the BBC shows the pandemic had "diverse" effects on mental health.

2022-09-20 US charges dozens with $250m pandemic relief fraud

Money meant for needy children was instead allegedly spent on property, cars and other luxury goods.

2022-09-19 Covid-19 pandemic 'is over' in the US - Joe Biden

The president said there is still "a lot of work" being done to control the virus in the US.

2022-09-13 China's Xi to meet Putin in first foreign trip since pandemic

He will meet Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of a regional summit in Uzbekistan.

2022-08-01 New Zealand fully reopens borders after long pandemic closure

The country shut its borders in March 2020, a move that majorly impacted the tourism industry.

2022-07-22 Cyber-attacks on Port of Los Angeles have doubled since pandemic

The threats to the Port of Los Angeles are believed to come mainly from Europe and Russia.

2022-07-21 Comic-Con returns in-person to San Diego after pandemic

More than 100,000 fans are gathering in San Diego for Comic-Con.

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