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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2021-08-22 Why Robert Burton’s masterpiece speaks to our pandemic age
2021-08-22 Covid: New Zealand pandemic strategy in doubt amid Delta spread

The highly infectious Delta variant "does change the game", the Covid response minister says.

2021-08-20 New SARS-CoV-2 variants have changed the pandemic. What will the virus do next?
2021-08-15 Three-month-olds born during the pandemic now score around 80 on IQ tests
2021-08-14 Nearly million people in England became addicted to alcohol during the pandemic
2021-08-13 Children born during pandemic have lower IQs, US study finds
2021-08-12 Delta Has Changed the Pandemic Endgame
2021-08-09 The world is not near the end of the pandemic – epidemiologist Larry Brilliant
2021-08-05 To Stop a Pandemic in Its Tracks, Coordinate Across Borders
2021-08-05 2019 Global Health Security Index: Countries Ranked by Preparedness for Pandemic
2021-08-04 Four-year-old US piano prodigy flourishing amid pandemic

Brigitte's parents just wanted to keep her busy. Now, she's been invited to play at Carnegie Hall.

2021-08-04 Congress Is Slashing a $30B Plan to Fight the Next Pandemic
2021-08-02 Covid third wave: Americans 'scared and angry' as pandemic worsens

As the Delta variant causes a rethink about risk, Americans are battling to keep a feeling of normalcy.

2021-08-01 The pandemic has exacerbated existing political discontent
2021-07-31 Fauci wants to make vaccines for the next pandemic before it hits
2021-07-30 Covid-19 pandemic: Japan widens emergency over 'frightening' spike

The Olympics host is facing record Covid case numbers, fuelled by the virulent Delta strain.

2021-07-26 Housing boom is over as new home sales fall to pandemic low
2021-07-23 The Pandemic Was Office Culture and Middle Management's “God Is Dead” Moment
2021-07-22 CDC Director Warns U.S. Is at ‘Another Pivotal Point’ in Pandemic
2021-07-22 Tokyo Olympics: A Games in a pandemic, new sports, British medal hopes and global stars to watch

With the opening ceremony set for Friday, BBC Sport previews the Tokyo 2020 Olympics - a Games like no other.

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