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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2022-09-23 Cancer-killing virus shows promise in patients

One man injected with the modified cold sore virus saw his tumour completely disappear.

2022-08-10 Langya: New virus infects 35 people in eastern China

The patients are thought to have caught the virus from animals such as shrews, and not from humans.

2022-08-02 Polio: Virus found in wastewater of New York City suburb

Health officials are urging vaccinations against polio after the first US case in a decade was found.

2022-07-18 What is the Marburg virus and how can it be avoided?

Two people in Ghana have died from the infectious Marburg virus, raising fears of a mass outbreak..

2022-07-17 Ghana confirms first cases of deadly Marburg virus

Two patients in the West African nation have died recently of the Ebola-like virus, officials say.

2022-06-02 Monkeypox: Nigeria bans bushmeat to prevent virus spread

Experts say it is possible that the virus can be caught by eating meat from an infected animal.

2022-05-24 Coronavirus: Argentine President Fernández pays 'fine' over lockdown party

Leaked photos of the dinner party held while Covid lockdown measures were in force caused outrage.

2022-05-23 Monkeypox virus outbreaks are containable - WHO

More than 100 cases of the virus have now been confirmed in 16 countries outside Africa.

2022-04-20 Covid: Woman caught virus twice within record 20 days

Spanish researchers say it's the shortest-known gap between two coronavirus infections.

2022-04-12 Zika virus may be one step away from explosive outbreak

Scientists say we should be on alert for variants which could start another major outbreak.

2022-04-07 Covid: Blood clot risk higher for six months after having virus

Lung and leg clots were much more likely in seriously ill patients, but mild cases can be affected.

2022-03-09 Novak Djokovic pulls out of Indian Wells and Miami Open over US coronavirus rules

Novak Djokovic withdraws from Indian Wells and the Miami Open - the first two Masters Series events of the year - because of US coronavirus rules.

2022-02-16 HIV: First woman in world believed to be cured of virus

The US patient tested negative for the virus after receiving an innovative blood transplant being used to treat her leukaemia.

2022-02-10 Hong Kong's tough Covid laws threatened by virus surge

Hong Kong has recorded more than 1,000 Covid infections for the first time since the pandemic began

2022-02-03 Vaccine trial for killer elephant virus begins

Scientists are embarking on the first trial of a vaccine to shield elephants from a deadly disease.

2022-01-30 Winter Olympics 2022: Beijing reports spike in new virus cases

The highest number of cases since June 2020 is recorded as the Chinese capital hosts the Olympics.

2022-01-20 Coronavirus: Austrian parliament approves mandatory vaccination order

If the bill is signed into law, Austrians who refuse to take the shot will face fines of up to €3,600.

2022-01-20 Tonga: Zero-Covid island nation fears aid could bring in virus

Efforts are being made to deliver humanitarian supplies with minimum risk of infection.

2022-01-01 Coronavirus pandemic: Antarctic outpost hit by Covid-19 outbreak

Two-thirds of staff at the station are infected but officials say the situation is not serious.

2021-12-29 Covid: Europe sees record virus case rise

Italy, Greece and Portugal all also announced their highest daily case totals on Tuesday.

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