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Date Title
2021-08-12 Australian capital Canberra goes into snap lockdown

The one-week lockdown comes after Canberra recorded its first case of Covid-19 for more than a year.

2021-08-12 The lesson from the past year: Poverty is a policy choice
2021-08-12 Association of Myocarditis in Children with Messenger RNA Covid-19 Vaccine
2021-08-12 Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Delta Among Vaccinated Healthcare Workers, Vietnam
2021-08-12 Fluvoxamine: Possible early treatment for Covid-19 in a 40-year antidepressant
2021-08-11 No EV tax credit if you earn more than $100k, says US Senate
2021-08-11 YouTube suspends Rand Paul for seven days
2021-08-11 Tokyo 2020: Some Australian Olympians face 28-day quarantine

Some Australians Olympians are having to quarantine for 28 days after returning to their country from Tokyo

2021-08-11 YouTube suspends Rand Paul over a video disputing the effectiveness of masks
2021-08-11 Delta variant renders herd immunity from Covid ‘mythical’
2021-08-11 Norton and Avast are merging into an $8B antivirus empire
2021-08-11 Woman in Sydney investigated for pretending to be a doctor

The 27-year-old worked for eight months this year at a Sydney hospital, Australian media reports.

2021-08-11 Covid-19 Could Disrupt the Fight-or-Flight Response for Months, Study Suggests
2021-08-11 France, Italy Require Proof of Covid-19 Status for Restaurants, Bars
2021-08-11 Show HN: Padka – Make your Zoom sessions more fun and engaging
2021-08-11 China reopening coal mines to meet accelerating demand
2021-08-11 Homeless encampment grows on Apple property in Silicon Valley
2021-08-11 Climate change is here, it’s a crisis, and it’s caused by fossil fuels
2021-08-11 Patients died from neglect, not Covid-19, in Ontario LTC homes – military report
2021-08-11 Herd immunity 'not a possibility' with Delta, says head of Oxford Vaccine Group
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