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2021-12-18 Ros Atkins on… What 2021 taught us about Covid

A look back at how the pandemic evolved throughout 2021, and what we've learned from it.

2021-12-18 Lagos party plans threatened by Nigeria Covid passports

Nigeria was briefly put on the UK's travel red list but most people are indifferent to coronavirus.

2021-12-18 Covid-19: Omicron spreading at lightning speed - French PM

Restrictions are being tightened across Europe as countries battle a new wave of Covid-19 infections.

2021-12-17 Over 100 Marines discharged for refusing Covid-19 vaccines

It comes as the military begins the process of removing the remaining vaccine holdouts.

2021-12-17 US FDA permanently allows mail-order abortion pills

But the federal move will be overridden by 19 states that already have bans in place.

2021-12-17 Huntsman spider interrupts Australian Covid press briefing

Queensland's health minister remained calm after a journalist said a spider was crawling on her.

2021-12-16 Santa Claus delivers presents to children in Peru... via a fire ladder

This Santa Claus in Lima, Peru, uses a special way to deliver presents to children with Covid.

2021-12-16 Dutch royals regret holding party amid surge in Covid cases

The party was held to celebrate the 18th birthday of the country's heir apparent, Princess Amalia.

2021-12-16 Covid: France to drastically restrict travel from UK

Non-residents will need compelling reasons to travel, as France tries to slow the spread of Omicron.

2021-12-16 Kenyans find rural lifeline after Covid city exodus

The coronavirus pandemic has forced some city dwellers to move back to the countryside to survive.

2021-12-15 Dutch MP ordered to delete Covid Holocaust social media posts

Thierry Baudet is ordered by a court to delete social media posts comparing the unvaccinated to Jews.

2021-12-15 German raids on Covid extremists over Saxony leader death plot

Far-right anti-vaccination activists are suspected of plotting to kill Saxony leader Michael Kretschmer.

2021-12-15 Covid-19: US surpasses 800,000 pandemic deaths

More than a quarter of lives lost in the pandemic came after all US adults were eligible for a vaccine.

2021-12-14 Covid: Omicron probably in most countries, WHO says

The heavily mutated coronavirus variant is spreading at an unprecedented rate, the WHO's head warns.

2021-12-14 Global supply chain: Toyota extends Japan production stoppages

The carmaker said components plants in South East Asia had faced disruptions due to the pandemic.

2021-12-13 Larry Nassar abuse survivors to receive $380m settlement

Hundreds of women abused by the ex-US gymnastics team doctor reach a settlement with USA Gymnastics.

2021-12-13 Cyril Ramaphosa: South Africa president being treated for Covid

Cyril Ramaphosa started feeling unwell on Sunday and has delegated all responsibilities to his deputy.

2021-12-13 Queensland border reopens to other Australian states

Families enjoy emotional reunions after a controversial five-month border closure ends.

2021-12-13 Nicaragua receives China vaccines after cutting ties with Taiwan

The Central American nation cut all diplomatic ties with Taiwan last week in favour of China relations.

2021-12-12 Omicron: India aims to avoid 'pandemic roulette'

A virology institute boss says India will see a third wave "depending on how warmly we invite it".

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