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2022-07-19 Shanghai Covid lockdown: The struggle of blind massage therapists

Blind massage therapists say the lockdown and lack of government support are making life difficult.

2022-07-19 Covid in China: Officials sorry for break-ins amid hunt for contacts

Authorities in Guangzhou broke into residents' homes in the hunt for close contacts of positive cases.

2022-07-19 Sri Lanka's tea farmers struggle to survive

Tea is the island's biggest export, but the industry is being hard hit by the economic crisis.

2022-07-19 Tourists stuck in Chinese resort city after lockdown

Concerns are growing about the impact of China's "zero-Covid" policy on its economy.

2022-07-18 Zimbabwe food crisis: Replacing maize with sorghum and millet

Farmers are urged to grow sorghum and millet, not just maize, to tackle drought and food shortages.

2022-07-18 What is the Marburg virus and how can it be avoided?

Two people in Ghana have died from the infectious Marburg virus, raising fears of a mass outbreak..

2022-07-17 Sri Lanka crisis is a warning to other Asian nations

Rising interest rates are making debt repayment costlier, putting Asian emerging markets at risk of default.

2022-07-17 Why Bollywood is struggling to beat pandemic blues

Several big-ticket films in 2022 have failed at the box office, leaving producers confused.

2022-07-17 The hard choices Sri Lankans must make now

They have chased out their reviled president. Now the country faces some difficult decisions.

2022-07-17 Ghana confirms first cases of deadly Marburg virus

Two patients in the West African nation have died recently of the Ebola-like virus, officials say.

2022-07-17 Ukraine war: Zelensky fires security chief and top prosecutor

The Ukrainian president says there have been cases of treason in the two powerful agencies.

2022-07-16 Sri Lanka: 'I've spent 10 days in line for petrol'

Drivers in the crisis-hit nation tell of their mammoth waits amid a worsening fuel emergency.

2022-07-16 Pacific Islands urge unity in face of China ambition

Climate change and the economic fallout of the pandemic are testing ties in the region.

2022-07-16 Sri Lanka: Is a push for organic behind the country's unrest?

Social-media users are blaming the political crisis on "elitist green policies". What is the truth?

2022-07-15 Haiti fuel terminal reopens but gang war persists

The terminal shut down because of battles between rival gangs and its closure caused petrol shortages.

2022-07-14 Italy's PM Draghi on brink as crisis vote looms

His government nears collapse after a populist coalition party plans to pull out of a confidence vote.

2022-07-14 Sri Lanka: President Rajapaksa leaves Maldives for Singapore

The president had fled to the Maldives amid mass protests over the island's economic crisis.

2022-07-13 Ukraine grain: Kyiv optimistic on Russia deal to reopen Black Sea

Tough talks are needed to reopen safe cargo routes for the grain that Russia has trapped in Ukraine.

2022-07-12 Sri Lanka: President Gotabaya Rajapaksa flees the country on military jet

Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled with relatives amid mass protests over the country's economic crisis.

2022-07-11 Sri Lanka: First fuel in days trickles through to residents

Residents weary of crisis queue for fuel after huge crowds of protesters force the president to flee.

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