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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2021-09-27 Covid and the moral matrix: Will “lockdown ethics” persist beyond the pandemic?
2021-09-27 Covid-19: President Joe Biden receives Pfizer booster jab

The US President and other Americans over 65 are now eligible for a third jab of the Pfizer vaccine.

2021-09-27 Dr John Campbell on why we should be aspirating Covid jabs
2021-09-27 Do Monoclonal Antibodies Help Covid Patients?
2021-09-27 Quantifying impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic through life-expectancy losses
2021-09-27 Subprime Attention Crisis
2021-09-27 Lockdown, distance learning likely to increase social class achievement gap
2021-09-27 Europe's energy crisis is coming for the rest of the world, too
2021-09-27 Covid-19 panel of scientists investigating origins of virus is disbanded
2021-09-27 China Evergrande: What the company's debt crisis means for the world

The property giant has missed an interest payment deadline, fuelling concerns that it will collapse.

2021-09-27 Signal is experiencing technical difficulties
2021-09-27 Conspiracy theories infiltrated the wellness community
2021-09-27 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Why are hundreds of aid trucks stranded?

The UN says hundreds of trucks have not returned from Tigray and it's affecting the flow of aid.

2021-09-27 Labor productivity: Agriculture up 16x since 1947, but 0% in construction
2021-09-26 Herpes zoster after Covid vaccination
2021-09-26 Schools without mask mandates are more likely to have Covid-19 outbreaks
2021-09-26 Wisconsin teenager wins lawsuit over Covid social media post
2021-09-26 COVIDSafe: Australia’s digital contact tracing failure
2021-09-26 Scientists complete starch synthesis from CO2, revolutionary for agricultural
2021-09-26 China’s power crunch is next economic shock beyond Evergrande
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