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2022-09-01 Spain's Tomatina food fight returns after Covid hiatus

Thousands of people have gathered in the town of Buñol to splatter each other with tomatoes.

2022-09-01 Ukraine war: 'I'm more scared of my new teacher than of war'

Children and parents share their concerns as just 40% of Ukrainian schools prepare to fully reopen.

2022-08-31 US life expectancy falls to lowest level since 1996

The two-year decline is the steepest seen in a century and was mostly fuelled by Covid-19.

2022-08-31 Taiwan fires live rounds at drones near outlying islands

It comes as Taiwan has complained of repeated harassment by Chinese drones close to its islands.

2022-08-28 Two US warships sail through Taiwan Strait

It is the first US operation in the strait since China held large-scale military drills in the area.

2022-08-27 Hong Kong's Peak Tram reopens after 14 months

The service welcomes back passengers even as tight coronavirus restrictions remain.

2022-08-26 Moderna suing Pfizer over Covid vaccine technology

Moderna said it is suing Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech for patent infringement.

2022-08-26 Chinese outcry after volleyballers wear N95 masks during match

China's Volleyball Association later apologised, saying the decision was due to "lack of experience".

2022-08-25 France's Emmanuel Macron to mend Algeria ties as energy crisis bites

The French president's visit brings to an end a spat over memories of Algeria's war of independence.

2022-08-24 On call with Italy's horseback doctor

Dr Roberto Anfosso and Ambra make house calls around the village of La Morra in the Piedmont region.

2022-08-23 Darién Gap: Where migrant children's tears run dry

Doctors treating migrants crossing the jungle in the Darien Gap describe their patients' desperation.

2022-08-23 US Open 2022: Will Novak Djokovic be able to play?

Former world number one Novak Djokovic has his "fingers crossed" he is allowed to play in the US Open despite not being vaccinated against Covid-19.

2022-08-22 Dr Anthony Fauci to step down from government in December

The infectious disease specialist became the most famous doctor in the US during the pandemic.

2022-08-22 Philippine students return to school for first time since Covid

Experts say the protracted school closures have worsened the country's education crisis.

2022-08-20 New Zulu king crowned in South Africa

Thousands gather for the traditional Zulu coronation, which saw Misuzulu ka Zwelithini become king.

2022-08-19 Covid in China: Hippo, fish and crabs get PCR tests

Officials in the city of Xiamen have ordered PCR tests for seafood after some 40 people got Covid.

2022-08-18 Covid in China: Fish tested amid Xiamen outbreak

Footage has gone viral showing live fish and crabs being tested in China for the coronavirus.

2022-08-18 Bodies found in New Zealand auction suitcases were of two young children

The victims, thought to be aged up to 10, were found in suitcases bought at auction last week.

2022-08-18 US and Taiwan announce formal bilateral trade talks

The talks come weeks after a controversial visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

2022-08-16 Five countries, five meals - tackling the food inflation crisis

Around the world people are adapting to high food prices, sometimes by changing what they eat.

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