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2021-10-06 Opioid crisis: US pharmacies face moment of truth as trial begins

Major pharmacy chains are accused of fuelling the US opioid crisis and could face billions of dollars in damages if found liable.

2021-10-06 Ivermectin: How false science created a Covid miracle drug

Thousands worldwide have taken ivermectin to fight Covid. But what's the evidence?

2021-10-06 The Devastating Ways Depression and Anxiety Impact the Body
2021-10-06 Merck Sells Federally-Financed Covid Pill for 40 times What It Costs to Make
2021-10-06 An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci (1988)
2021-10-06 New Zealand raises interest rates for first time in seven years

The move comes as countries start to remove emergency measures put in place during the pandemic.

2021-10-06 Biden says US and China will abide by Taiwan agreement

The announcement by President Biden comes amid escalating tensions between Taiwan and Beijing

2021-10-06 Brain implant provided immediate relief to a severely depressed patient
2021-10-06 When Safe Proved Risky:Commercial Paper During the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009
2021-10-05 Mozambique crisis: Rwandan troops find sex slaves and destroyed mosques

A month-long operation by Rwandan troops reverses militant gains in northern Mozambique.

2021-10-05 What Happened When Facebook Became Boomerbook
2021-10-05 Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness drops 6 months after 2nd dose: study
2021-10-05 Brain implant relieves patient’s severe depression
2021-10-05 UN Report Warns of Global Water Crisis Amid Climate Change
2021-10-05 Why return to the office if you’re just Zooming all day anyway?
2021-10-05 China PCR Purchases Spiked in Months Before First Known Covid Cases
2021-10-05 Why Merck’s Celebrated Covid Pill Could Be Riskier Than People Think
2021-10-05 Facebook down: Six hours without WhatsApp

People around the world lose contact with their families and patients are cut off from doctors.

2021-10-05 The richest Americans became 40% richer during the pandemic
2021-10-05 A ‘Pacemaker for the Brain’: No Treatment Helped Her Depression – Until This
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