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2021-11-28 Omicron symptoms mild so far, says South African doctor who spotted it

The South African doctor who first spotted the new variant says patients are showing very mild symptoms so far.

2021-11-28 Covid: Australia woman charged after setting fire in quarantine hotel

The woman is charged with arson after allegedly lighting a fire under a bed at Pacific Hotel in Queensland.

2021-11-28 Covid: Netherlands enters partial lockdown amid surging infections

The government says the three-week curbs are critical to protect hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.

2021-11-28 Covid: Israel to impose travel ban for foreigners over new variant

Travellers from all countries will be banned from entering Israel for 14 days, local media report.

2021-11-28 Covid vaccine: Can US troops be punished for refusing the jabs?

The US military has said that America's 2.1 million soldiers and sailors must all get the vaccine.

2021-11-27 Winter Olympics 2022: Testing times in the Chongli mountains

Beijing is pushing ahead with Winter Olympics test events, despite Covid and human rights allegations.

2021-11-27 Covid: Dozens test positive on SA-Netherlands flights

The results are being examined for cases of the new Omicron variant emerging in southern Africa.

2021-11-27 Covid: World races to contain new Omicron variant

Nations ban travellers from southern Africa, a day after health officials named the new Covid-19 strain.

2021-11-27 Covid: Conspiracy and untruths drive Europe's Covid protests

Amid some legitimate concerns, misinformation and extreme views are radicalising people to violent protest.

2021-11-27 Covid: Swiss vote on ending restrictions while cases surge

Sunday's referendum is held in a country with one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe.

2021-11-26 Omicron: Mutations prompt new coronavirus variant concern from WHO

The World Health Organization says the variant has a large number of mutations, some are concerning.

2021-11-26 Covid variant: Reaction to new rules on travel from southern Africa

Travellers at Cape Town airport respond to new UK quarantine measures over Covid variant.

2021-11-26 New Covid variant: South Africa's pride and punishment

South Africans feel they are paying the price for their ability to monitor new Covid variants.

2021-11-26 Poorest face food crisis amid fertiliser shortage

The boss of the world's largest fertiliser producer says gas prices are responsible for higher food prices.

2021-11-26 Coronavirus: Countries shut borders over new variant in southern Africa

Nations ban flights as health officials hold an urgent meeting over a new variant in southern Africa.

2021-11-26 Channel migrants: Why politics is dominating the debate on migrants

UK-French rivalry is making a common solution difficult, says the BBC's Europe Editor Katya Adler.

2021-11-26 'I don't need a new TV, but I'll probably get one'

Black Friday is back and Americans, flush with Covid cash, are going out to spend.

2021-11-25 US restricts trade with a dozen more Chinese technology firms

The move comes as tensions grow between the US and China over the status of Taiwan and trade issues.

2021-11-24 Covid: Europe region faces 700,000 more deaths by March - WHO

The World Health Organization says the regional death toll could exceed 2.2 million by 1 March.

2021-11-23 Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart fuelled opioid crisis, Ohio jury finds

A federal court finds Walgreens, CVS and Walmart helped create an oversupply of addictive painkillers.

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