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2021-07-21 Mucormycosis: India records more than 4,300 'black fungus' deaths

The normally rare infection has a 50% mortality rate and is hitting recovering Covid-19 patients.

2021-07-21 Covid-19: India excess deaths cross four million, says study
2021-07-21 ICMR sero survey says two-thirds of Indians exposed to Covid

The latest survey shows that 67% Indians, aged six and above, have been exposed to coronavirus.

2021-07-21 Olympics: Tokyo 2020 chief does not rule out cancelling Games

Just days before the Games' opening ceremony, more athletes have tested positive for Covid.

2021-07-21 Covid: Anger as half of Australians in lockdown again

Three states enforce stay-at-home orders, fuelling criticism of Australia's slow vaccination rate.

2021-07-21 Covid: France rolls out health pass as cases soar

From Wednesday people will need proof of vaccination or a negative test to access some public places.

2021-07-21 Social Media Is a Public Health Crisis
2021-07-20 Covid: The Mexican villages refusing to vaccinate

Take-up of the vaccine among indigenous towns in Chiapas state is as low as 2% in some areas.

2021-07-20 15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice
2021-07-20 Nike trainer output at key factory hit by Covid outbreak

Nike could run out of its Vietnamese-made trainers because of a rise in Covid infections in the region.

2021-07-20 Blood samples from Oct 2019 revive debate on first signs of Covid in Italy
2021-07-20 How much Covid misinformation is on Facebook? Its execs don’t want to know
2021-07-20 Harry Stine Takes Off the Gloves Regarding Dicamba
2021-07-20 US judge upholds Indiana University vaccine requirement

The students suing Indiana University claim requiring Covid-19 vaccines infringes on their rights.

2021-07-20 Open Letter: Replace the Proposed New California Math Curriculum Framework
2021-07-20 Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for Posting Coronavirus Misinformation
2021-07-20 ‘If we don’t go, will we die?’: quarantine guests perish in hotel fire
2021-07-20 Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia
2021-07-20 Twitter Japan appears to suspend government critics over Covid-19 and Olympics
2021-07-20 Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene over 'misleadling' Covid posts

Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a vocal critic of vaccines and the use of masks.

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