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Date Title
2021-10-08 Doctors Are Injecting Bleach to Treat Covid in Bolivia
2021-10-08 Dwindling Alaska salmon leave Yukon River tribes in crisis
2021-10-08 Bytesize Architecture Sessions
2021-10-08 Why Covid vaccines didn’t win a science Nobel this year
2021-10-08 USS Connecticut (SSN 22) struck an object while submerged on Oct. 2
2021-10-07 South China Sea: US submarine collides with 'unknown object'

US officials said it is unclear what the USS Connecticut collided with, causing injuries to 15.

2021-10-07 Gen X's Wealth Has Gone Up 50% During the Pandemic
2021-10-07 Texas abortions resume after court ruling despite legal fears

Some clinics have reopened after the ban was lifted, others have stayed shut due to lawsuit fears.

2021-10-07 US deeply concerned over Taiwan-China tension

The US national security advisor speaks to the BBC with tensions between China and Taiwan at their worst in decades.

2021-10-07 Finland joins Sweden and Denmark in limiting Moderna Covid-19 vaccine
2021-10-07 A Mind in Pain
2021-10-07 Verdict on Corona rules: All-day curfew in Spain was unconstitutional
2021-10-07 Covid-19 mortality risk correlates inversely with vitamin D3 status [Paper]
2021-10-07 Finland joins Sweden and Denmark in limiting Moderna vaccine in men under 30
2021-10-07 Bytesize Architecture Sessions
2021-10-07 Ivermectin: How False science created a Covid miracle drug
2021-10-07 Canada announces Covid-19 vaccine mandate for travelers on trains and planes
2021-10-07 Myocarditis After Pfizer–BioNTech mRNA Vaccine Against Covid-19 in Israel
2021-10-07 A Report on Covid-19 Vaccine Associated Myocarditis Adverse Events in VAERS
2021-10-07 A “market” to DOS IRS call center lines
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