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2021-12-13 Nicaragua receives China vaccines after cutting ties with Taiwan

The Central American nation cut all diplomatic ties with Taiwan last week in favour of China relations.

2021-12-12 Omicron: India aims to avoid 'pandemic roulette'

A virology institute boss says India will see a third wave "depending on how warmly we invite it".

2021-12-12 Covid: Brazil to demand proof of vaccination from foreign visitors

Foreign travellers will need to provide a vaccination certificate in order to enter the country.

2021-12-11 Covid in Austria: Mass protest in Vienna against measures

Austria has become the first country in the EU to make vaccinations mandatory, from February.

2021-12-11 Ros Atkins on… Compulsory Covid vaccinations

Ros Atkins examines the ethical arguments surrounding vaccine mandates.

2021-12-11 Afghanistan: Donors to release frozen funds for food and health aid

The money will be used to fund nutrition and health services amid a growing humanitarian crisis.

2021-12-10 Ghana's Covid restrictions: Unvaccinated must get jabs on arrival

The restrictions appear to be some of the strictest in the world, with no option to self-isolate.

2021-12-10 Madagascar food crisis: How a woman helped save her village from starvation

Loharano has avoided the fate of many in southern Madagascar through the use of new farming methods.

2021-12-10 Nicaragua cuts ties with Taiwan in favour of Beijing

It comes as the US State Department called for democracies to "expand engagement with Taiwan".

2021-12-09 Ghislaine Maxwell: Jury sent home for day after lawyer falls sick

The lawyer - who has a non-Covid-related illness - is needed for questioning of an upcoming witness.

2021-12-09 Barnaby Joyce: Australia deputy PM tests positive for Covid after UK visit

Barnaby Joyce met with UK cabinet ministers in London and is now isolating in the US.

2021-12-08 Covid vaccines: Why is Nigeria unable to use its supply?

It's reported that up to one million doses of Covid vaccine in Nigeria have expired and are to be destroyed.

2021-12-08 Covid: Pfizer says booster shot promising against Omicron

The company says a third dose of its vaccine could improve protection against the new variant.

2021-12-08 Boss says sorry for 'blundered' Zoom firing of 900 staff

Vishal Garg says he "is deeply sorry" for sacking 900 staff in an online meeting.

2021-12-08 Sanna Marin: Finland's PM sorry for clubbing after Covid contact

Sanna Marin went on a night out on Saturday, hours after her foreign minister had tested positive.

2021-12-08 Covid: Vaccines should work against Omicron variant, WHO says

A small study in South Africa suggests the new variant could partially evade the Pfizer jab.

2021-12-07 US father fired on Zoom describes 'callous' call

Dad of five Christian was one of 900 employees laid-off on a Zoom call, weeks before Christmas.

2021-12-07 Nearly 70 Spanish medics Covid positive after Christmas party

The outbreak among ICU staff in Málaga is believed to have started at a Christmas party last week.

2021-12-07 Hong Kong Covid: The Cathay pilots stuck in 'perpetual quarantine'

One Cathay Pacific pilot said he had spent almost 150 days in quarantine this year alone.

2021-12-06 Jussie Smollett testifies at trial: 'There was no hoax'

Jussie Smollett says a "massive" man in a ski mask attacked him after shouting slurs in Chicago.

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