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2021-05-04 A blood test may help the diagnosis and treatment of depression
2021-05-01 She built a toy empire while hiding a lifetime of existential depression
2021-04-28 US marks slowest population growth since the Depression
2021-04-15 Magic mushrooms show promise in treatment for depression, study says
2021-04-15 Trial of Psilocybin versus Escitalopram for Depression
2021-04-15 Psilocybin: Magic mushroom compound 'promising' for depression

A study of 59 people compared the drug with a conventional antidepressant.

2021-04-04 Staying awake to treat depression (2018)
2021-03-14 Can psychedelics cure addiction and depression?
2021-02-14 The left-cradling bias and its relationship with empathy and depression
2021-01-02 The Yale Manual for Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy of Depression
2020-12-27 A ‘Great Cultural Depression’ Looms for Legions of Unemployed Performers
2020-12-27 Ketamine may ease depression by restoring brains sensitivity to prediction error
2020-12-26 We’ve Got Depression All Wrong. It’s Trying to Save Us
2020-12-21 Depression? Bacteria in Your Gut May Have Caused It – Or Made You Healthier
2020-12-10 Progress Toward a Safer Psychedelic Drug to Treat Depression and Addiction
2020-12-05 Occupational Depression Inventory: A new tool for clinicians and epidemiologists
2020-12-04 Microbiome Study Could Change the Way Doctors Diagnose Depression
2020-11-16 Nearly Half of Young Adults Showing Signs of Depression Amid Pandemic
2020-11-14 Nearly Half Young Adults Showing Signs of Depression Amid Pandemic Restrictions
2020-11-13 Less screen time and more sleep critical for preventing depression
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