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2021-05-07 As U.S. Hardens Line on Beijing, Taiwan's Stock Rises in Washington
2021-05-07 Taiwan's indigenous groups lose court fight for hunting rights

Campaigners argued that existing rules around the hunting of wild game were discriminatory.

2021-05-06 Taiwan: Judo class puts a seven-year-old in a coma

The incident in Taiwan shows a tendency to allow child abuse in the name of discipline, experts say.

2021-05-03 Taiwan Strait: Claim man who crossed sea in dinghy investigated

A Chinese man apparently crossed the highly militarised waterway in a small rubber dinghy.

2021-04-30 Taiwan bans recruitment for jobs in China to combat brain drain
2021-04-29 Taiwan Dismisses EU Effort to Build Leading Edge Semiconductor Capacity
2021-04-23 TSMC tackles Taiwan drought with plant to reuse water for chips
2021-04-20 Drought-hit Taiwan rations water to protect tech

The island has tried everything from cloud seeding to prayer during its worst drought in 56 years.

2021-04-16 Beijing Is Out to Convince the World That Taiwan Is Not Worth Dying For
2021-04-15 Why a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be a catastrophe for China and the world
2021-04-14 New Guidelines for U.S. Government Interactions with Taiwan Counterparts
2021-04-13 Taiwan: 'Record number' of China jets enter airspace

Beijing sends 25 military aircraft into Taiwan as the US warns against an 'increasingly aggressive' China.

2021-04-12 Somaliland and Taiwan: Two territories with few friends but each other

Taiwan and Somaliland are basically fully functioning territories but neither is recognised internationally.

2021-04-09 Taiwan drought helps man retrieve phone dropped in lake a year ago

Taiwan is suffering from its worst drought in decades, but one man has found a silver lining.

2021-04-09 Taiwan is more than a pawn to be sacrificed to China
2021-04-07 Taiwan accuses China of 'vaccine diplomacy' in Paraguay

It is claimed that Beijing promised millions of doses to Paraguay if it severed ties with Taipei.

2021-04-06 Taiwan becomes world's No. 15 largest exporter
2021-04-05 Taiwan train crash: 'Can you let me hug her again?'

Survivors of Taiwan's worst rail accident in decades share their heartbreaking stories of loss.

2021-04-04 Taiwan train crash: Lorry boss offers 'deep remorse'

Some 50 people died in Friday's crash, which was caused by a vehicle slipping onto the tracks.

2021-04-03 Taiwan: Prosecutors seek arrest after train crash which killed 50

A construction manager's lorry is suspected of sliding on to train tracks, causing the derailment.

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