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2024-04-06 A tale of two earthquakes: How Taiwan learnt from past disaster

A quarter of a century ago, an earthquake killed 2,400. This week, barely a building fell down - why?

2024-04-04 'The walls were crumbling' - escaping Taiwan's earthquake

Four people caught in the 7.4 magnitude quake recall the moment it struck and how they survived.

2024-04-04 Taiwan wakes up to aftermath of worst quake in 25 years

More than 90 people are still understood to be trapped in collapsed tunnels and on roads.

2024-04-03 Watch: Taiwan quake makes waves in rooftop pool

The moment a man swimming in hotel rooftop pool was shaken by the Taiwan earthquake.

2024-04-03 Watch moment 7.4 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan

Eyewitness video shows buildings leaning at a 45 degree angle in Hualien, near the quake’s epicentre.

2024-04-03 Taiwan hit by biggest earthquake in 25 years

At least four people have died following a powerful 7.4 magnitude quake that struck off the island's east coast.

2024-04-03 Strongest earthquake in 25 years hits Taiwan

The earthquake has set off tsunami warnings in the neighbouring countries of Japan and the Philippines.

2024-02-22 Why are so many US Congressmen heading for Taiwan?

Representative Mike Gallagher, head of the House's China committee, is the latest one to make the trip

2024-02-20 China coast guards board Taiwanese tourist boat

This comes a day after Beijing said it would step up patrols following the death of two fishermen last week.

2024-02-16 Cambodia jails Taiwanese YouTuber for fake kidnap

The influencer was detained after claiming to have been abducted in the port city of Sihanoukville.

2024-02-15 Two Chinese fishermen die in sea chase by Taiwan

Beijing has strongly condemned the incident, which came at a time of heightened tensions.

2024-02-15 Taiwan: Two Chinese fishermen die after sea chase with coastguard

Beijing has strongly condemned the incident, which came at a time of heightened tensions.

2024-02-13 Senate's $95bn for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan faces uphill battle in House

Ukraine's leader praises the package, but the US House Speaker suggests he might block the bill.

2024-01-17 Why these Taiwanese Americans flew home to vote

They returned to vote in an election that China framed as a choice between war and peace.

2024-01-15 Nauru cuts diplomatic ties with Taiwan in favour of China

Just days after Taiwan's presidential election, the country has lost one of its few allies.

2024-01-14 Taiwan election: China says US 'gravely wrong' to congratulate new leader

Beijing accuses the US of violating its commitment to maintain only unofficial ties with Taiwan.

2024-01-13 William Lai: Taiwan just chose a president China loathes. What now?

How William Lai manages Beijing, and how Beijing reacts to him, will determine his presidency.

2024-01-13 Taiwan elects William Lai president in historic election

The move has angered Beijing which reviles Mr Lai and his pro-sovereignty party.

2024-01-13 Taiwan election: DPP supporters celebrate at rally

Democratic Progressive Party supporters celebrate at a rally as their opponents concede in the Taiwan election.

2024-01-11 Taiwan election: It's not war young voters worry about - it's jobs

With high home prices and stagnant wages, young voters care more about the economy than Beijing's threats.

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