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2021-10-09 China's Xi vows 'reunification' with Taiwan

Responding to the remarks, Taiwan's presidential office said its future lay in the hands of its people.

2021-10-07 US deeply concerned over Taiwan-China tension

The US national security advisor speaks to the BBC with tensions between China and Taiwan at their worst in decades.

2021-10-06 Biden says US and China will abide by Taiwan agreement

The announcement by President Biden comes amid escalating tensions between Taiwan and Beijing

2021-10-04 China preparing for possible war with Taiwan
2021-10-04 Taiwan reports record number of Chinese planes in defence zone
2021-10-04 Taiwan reports record number of Chinese planes in defence zone
2021-10-04 Taiwan reports record number of Chinese planes in defence zone

Taiwan says 56 Chinese warplanes entered its air defence zone on Monday.

2021-10-04 Taiwanese Foreign Minister warns his country is preparing for war with China
2021-10-03 China sends record number of warplanes towards Taiwan
2021-10-03 China sends 77 warplanes into Taiwan defense zone over two days
2021-10-03 U.S. concerned with China's rising military activity near Taiwan
2021-10-03 US 'concerned' by China's incursion into Taiwan's defence zone

China has flown some 93 military planes over Taiwan's air defence zone.

2021-10-02 Taiwan says dozens of Chinese military jets entered defense zone
2021-10-02 Taiwan reports largest ever incursion as 38 Chinese planes fly over air space
2021-10-02 Taiwan says record 38 Chinese planes entered defence zone

It was China's biggest-ever incursion and nuclear-capable bombers took part, Taipei says.

2021-10-01 India accelerates talks with Taiwan on $7.5B chip plant, trade deal
2021-09-25 Taiwanese math professor with 1.3M views of his lectures on Pornhub
2021-09-24 China sends 24 fighter jets toward Taiwan in show of force
2021-09-16 Will Xi Move on Taiwan?
2021-09-14 China Makes Sure Everyone Writes Taiwan Name Just So–Even a Colorado High School
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