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2024-04-26 Fire guts homeless shelter in Brazil killing 10

The blaze erupted in the middle of the night at a guesthouse in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil.

2024-04-22 Supreme Court confronts the US homelessness crisis

In a tense hearing, the justices weighed whether sleeping outdoors could be criminally punished.

2023-12-22 Homeless shelter raises $50k from auction of rare gold Nikes found in donation bin

The shoes, found at the bottom of a donation bin, were originally designed for director Spike Lee.

2023-12-15 Deaths put spotlight on growing US homeless population

A new government report says homeless numbers in the US have risen about 12% since 2022.

2023-12-05 Suspect held in killings of three Los Angeles homeless men

After three homeless men were fatally shot, authorities warned of a serial killer at large.

2023-11-26 The homeless handyman and the wealthy widow: Love or something darker?

When a drifter moves in with an older rich woman they say they are in love - but a family is torn apart.

2023-11-21 California man charged in fatal homeless person shooting

Prosecutors say he woke the man while he was sleeping on the sidewalk and killed him after a fight.

2023-10-23 Life in Gaza: Homeless and looking for shelter

A glimpse into the lives of two people struggling to find a safe space in Khan Younis.

2023-10-17 Gaza: BBC reporter and family left homeless again after Israel air strike warning

Rushdi Abu Alouf is among those struggling to find a place to live amid ongoing Israeli strikes.

2023-08-25 São Paulo's micro-houses keeping homeless families off the streets

The city of São Paulo has come up with a new idea to try to solve its housing crisis.

2023-05-17 Israel-Gaza: Palestinian family left homeless after strikes

Ataf Nabhan took a phone call before afternoon prayers. Five minutes later his house was destroyed.

2023-05-06 New York failed Jordan Neely, homeless advocates say

The 30-year-old's death on the subway after being held in a chokehold renews calls for support.

2023-03-06 Bangladesh probes refugee camp blaze that has left 12,000 homeless

The fire in the world's largest refugee camp has left at least 12,000 people without shelter.

2023-01-19 Gallery owner who hosed homeless woman in San Francisco arrested

Collier Gwin is charged with battery after being filmed spraying a woman with a hose in San Francisco.

2023-01-13 California’s homeless battle floods and storms

Few are feeling the rage of California's storms as much as the state's 170,000 homeless people.

2022-05-01 Shanghai lockdown: The hard life of a homeless deliveryman

Many riders face a lack of shelter and safety while delivering supplies in a locked down city.

2022-04-14 Durban flood survivors: South Africans homeless, hurt and heartbroken

"We're traumatised, we can't even eat," one South African woman says after her house was destroyed.

2022-03-15 Suspect arrested in string of shootings targeting homeless

Five people were shot in nine days in New York and Washington - all with the same "modus operandi".

2022-03-14 Police are hunting a masked gunman targeting homeless people while they sleep

Five have been shot in nine days in New York and Washington - all with the same "modus operandi".

2021-09-29 Who’s homeless enough for housing? In San Francisco, an algorithm decides
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