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Date Title
2023-01-19 Gallery owner who hosed homeless woman in San Francisco arrested

Collier Gwin is charged with battery after being filmed spraying a woman with a hose in San Francisco.

2023-01-13 California’s homeless battle floods and storms

Few are feeling the rage of California's storms as much as the state's 170,000 homeless people.

2022-05-01 Shanghai lockdown: The hard life of a homeless deliveryman

Many riders face a lack of shelter and safety while delivering supplies in a locked down city.

2022-04-14 Durban flood survivors: South Africans homeless, hurt and heartbroken

"We're traumatised, we can't even eat," one South African woman says after her house was destroyed.

2022-03-15 Suspect arrested in string of shootings targeting homeless

Five people were shot in nine days in New York and Washington - all with the same "modus operandi".

2022-03-14 Police are hunting a masked gunman targeting homeless people while they sleep

Five have been shot in nine days in New York and Washington - all with the same "modus operandi".

2021-09-29 Who’s homeless enough for housing? In San Francisco, an algorithm decides
2021-09-01 Woman with 3 Properties Left Homeless Because Tenants Couldn't Be Evicted
2021-08-28 I believe California is the dumping ground for America's homeless problem
2021-08-23 A Seattle mecca for running goes dark; city falls short on homelessness
2021-08-11 Homeless encampment grows on Apple property in Silicon Valley
2021-08-07 Homelessness is about housing
2021-08-06 Robot police dog that scans homeless people sparks debate
2021-08-01 Architects Designs Tiny House Communities for the Homeless of Los Angeles
2021-07-30 From Afghan interpreter to US homeless - until reaching the American dream

Thousands of Afghan interpreters have waited years to flee to the US. Arriving is a different story.

2021-07-29 Olympics: The hidden sight of Tokyo's homeless

For many among Tokyo's homeless community the Olympics are far from a cause for celebration.

2021-07-25 Finland provides housing and counseling to the homeless (2020)
2021-07-15 Apple Has a Growing Homeless Encampment on Its Property
2021-06-01 Homeless Oaklanders were tired of the housing crisis. So they built a village
2021-05-27 LA pays $2600 per homeless tent, per month
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