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2022-12-06 Ukraine war: Zelensky visits troops near 'most difficult' front line

Ukraine's president says the defence of the Donetsk region is crucial to protect the entire nation.

2022-11-20 Talking therapy: How ice cream is helping people discuss difficult topics

Artist Annie Nicholson's work has centred around grief since she lost family members in a tragic accident.

2022-10-25 Macron-Scholz: Difficult Paris summit awaits German chancellor

Relations between France and Germany are strained as the two countries pull in different directions.

2022-10-10 Kenya curriculum uproar as pupils behead live chickens in school

Videos of primary school pupils learning practical skills such as cooking spark a nationwide debate.

2022-09-23 Hong Kong Covid: Double-masked flautists in ad spark ridicule

The video was released a day after authorities had earlier announced extensions to Covid restrictions.

2022-03-12 Ukraine war: Evacuations 'extremely difficult' amid shelling

New attempts are under way to get civilians out of bombed Ukrainian cities as Russia's attack intensifies.

2022-03-06 Shell defends 'difficult' decision to buy Russian crude oil

The oil giant confirmed it made a purchase of Russian crude oil on Friday but said it had "no alternative".

2021-10-29 Meta: Facebook's new name ridiculed by Hebrew speakers

The social media giant joins a number of companies that have fallen foul of translation blunders.

2021-10-18 A difficult case: Diagnosis made by hallucinatory voices
2021-10-17 Songhaï: A 'zero waste' agricultural system to increase food security in Africa

Fr Godfrey Nzamujo runs a "zero waste" agriculture system aimed at increasing food security and creating jobs.

2021-10-17 The Difficulties of Teaching Critical Thinking
2021-10-13 Aspirin lowers risk in Covid ICU admissions: findings support preliminary trial
2021-10-08 USS Connecticut (SSN 22) struck an object while submerged on Oct. 2
2021-10-03 Everything Is Difficult. So What?
2021-10-02 Is Hacking the Next Struggle for Agriculture?
2021-09-27 Signal is experiencing technical difficulties
2021-09-27 Labor productivity: Agriculture up 16x since 1947, but 0% in construction
2021-09-26 Scientists complete starch synthesis from CO2, revolutionary for agricultural
2021-09-26 Sustainable coffee grown in Finland with cellular agriculture
2021-09-25 'Vigilante treatments': Anti-vaccine groups push people to leave ICUs
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