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2024-04-15 Grimes sorry for Coachella technical difficulties

Weekend one of the festival also sees surprise appearances from Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish.

2023-12-24 Israel vows to continue 'difficult' military operation in Gaza

An Israeli army spokesman says fierce battles are raging at Hamas's new strongholds in the Gaza Strip.

2023-11-09 Muslim students at University of Connecticut received threats over Israel-Gaza war

Containing violent language and racial slurs, the threats are another example of campus tensions.

2023-10-08 Israel faces 'long, difficult war' after Hamas attack from Gaza

Militants are still fighting in Israel, says the military, after an unprecedented Hamas attack.

2023-08-22 Pakistan cable car: Why it's such a difficult rescue

The cable car rescue is challenging due to its shape and fragility, explains BBC's Courtney Bembridge.

2023-06-14 Jocelyn Chia: US comedian calls Malaysia's reaction to MH370 joke 'ridiculous'

Jocelyn Chia tells the BBC she is not making fun of victims, after Malaysia asked Interpol to locate her.

2023-06-10 Donald Trump calls indictment 'ridiculous and baseless' in Georgia speech

Mr Trump spoke at a Republican convention, his first outing since his indictment were announced.

2023-06-07 Difficult questions remain despite 'remarkable' golf truce

Golf's shock merger is a stunning example of the shift in power that Saudi Arabia's investment in sport is bringing about.

2023-05-26 Connecticut lawmakers exonerate colonial-era 'witches'

In Connecticut, 12 people have been exonerated of witchcraft more than 370 years after their convictions.

2023-01-04 Kevin McCarthy's difficult day - in 90 seconds

A play-by-play of the Republican leader's so-far unsuccessful efforts to become Speaker of the House.

2022-12-29 Ex-Pope Benedict's failing health presents difficult decisions for Vatican

For the first time in modern history a living Pope will help bury a dead Pope.

2022-12-06 Ukraine war: Zelensky visits troops near 'most difficult' front line

Ukraine's president says the defence of the Donetsk region is crucial to protect the entire nation.

2022-11-20 Talking therapy: How ice cream is helping people discuss difficult topics

Artist Annie Nicholson's work has centred around grief since she lost family members in a tragic accident.

2022-10-25 Macron-Scholz: Difficult Paris summit awaits German chancellor

Relations between France and Germany are strained as the two countries pull in different directions.

2022-10-10 Kenya curriculum uproar as pupils behead live chickens in school

Videos of primary school pupils learning practical skills such as cooking spark a nationwide debate.

2022-09-23 Hong Kong Covid: Double-masked flautists in ad spark ridicule

The video was released a day after authorities had earlier announced extensions to Covid restrictions.

2022-03-12 Ukraine war: Evacuations 'extremely difficult' amid shelling

New attempts are under way to get civilians out of bombed Ukrainian cities as Russia's attack intensifies.

2022-03-06 Shell defends 'difficult' decision to buy Russian crude oil

The oil giant confirmed it made a purchase of Russian crude oil on Friday but said it had "no alternative".

2021-10-29 Meta: Facebook's new name ridiculed by Hebrew speakers

The social media giant joins a number of companies that have fallen foul of translation blunders.

2021-10-18 A difficult case: Diagnosis made by hallucinatory voices
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