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2021-09-13 Alabama man dies after being turned away from 43 hospitals as Covid packs ICUs
2021-08-29 Our most dazzling self-taught students may find college admission difficult
2021-08-26 China schools: 'Xi Jinping Thought' introduced into curriculum
2021-08-25 China schools: 'Xi Jinping Thought' introduced into curriculum

The education ministry says the guidelines will help establish Marxist belief in the country's youth.

2021-08-24 Lignum Nephriticum
2021-08-22 How to Deliver Constructive Feedback in Difficult Situations
2021-08-20 Ridiculous expectations about open-source maintainers
2021-08-19 California’s proposed new math curriculum defies logic
2021-08-19 Why it’s difficult to build teams in high growth organisations
2021-08-19 Windows 11 Is Making It Absurdly Difficult to Change Browsers
2021-08-15 Amid Covid-19 surge, Dallas County has no pediatric ICU beds left
2021-08-09 Difficult math is about recognizing patterns
2021-08-09 Flaws in John Deere Systems Show Agriculture's Cyber Risk
2021-08-03 More difficult to set default apps in Windows 11 than Win7-10
2021-07-29 The cost of two weeks in an pediatric/infant ICU
2021-07-29 Man vs. food: is lab-grown meat going to solve our nasty agriculture problem?
2021-07-26 Why does NBC make it so difficult to watch the Olympics?
2021-07-20 Open Letter: Replace the Proposed New California Math Curriculum Framework
2021-07-14 Stop Letting Your Ridiculous Fears of Nuclear Waste Kill the Planet (2018)
2021-07-12 Organic and regenerative agriculture are revitalizing rural Montana economies
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