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2022-04-22 Mid-day meal plan struggles to feed India's hungry students

The world's most ambitious free school food programme resumes post pandemic, but problems remain.

2022-04-21 The German towns in Paraguay with a surge in European immigrants

Thousands of German nationals have migrated to Paraguay to escape Covid restrictions and immigration in Europe.

2022-04-21 Rudy Giuliani revealed on The Masked Singer TV show

The appearance of Donald Trump's former lawyer prompted one of the show's judges to walk off.

2022-04-20 Shanghai lockdown: Whole communities relocated in anti-Covid drive

One community faces relocation to quarantine facilities more than 100 miles (160km) away.

2022-04-20 Covid: Woman caught virus twice within record 20 days

Spanish researchers say it's the shortest-known gap between two coronavirus infections.

2022-04-20 One dead as police open fire at Sri Lanka protest

Police have used live rounds for the first time since protests erupted over an economic crisis.

2022-04-20 Hepatitis cases detected in children in Europe and the US

Acute hepatitis - or liver inflammation - among children was first reported in the UK last week.

2022-04-18 White House hosts first Easter egg roll since pandemic

The Easter egg roll made its return to the White House's South Lawn on a rainy Monday.

2022-04-18 US judge throws out Biden mask mandate for planes and trains

A federal judge in Florida, appointed by Donald Trump, says the CDC exceeded its authority.

2022-04-18 Irish Travellers say racism is causing a suicide crisis

More than one in 10 deaths in the community are recorded as suicide, with systematic racism being blamed.

2022-04-18 Irish Travellers 'mental health crisis' driven by discrimination and deprivation

Discrimination and deprivation are among key factors in the struggles felt by the community in Ireland.

2022-04-18 Gotabaya Rajapaksa: Beleaguered Sri Lanka leader appoints new cabinet

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa defies protesters' call for him to quit over a ruinous economic crisis.

2022-04-18 Shanghai: China reports three dead in latest Covid outbreak

Official figures earlier said there had been no Covid-linked deaths in Shanghai since 2020.

2022-04-17 Sri Lanka healthcare on verge of collapse in economic crisis

Doctors warn of catastrophe in Sri Lanka where medical supplies are running out in the financial crisis.

2022-04-16 Johnson to visit India in bid to boost defence ties

The prime minister will meet his Indian counterpart after previous visits were postponed due to Covid.

2022-04-15 Covid China: Elderly deaths contradict Shanghai figures

Official figures claim there have been no Covid deaths in the current outbreak.

2022-04-15 China Covid: Clashes in Shanghai over lockdown evictions

Residents have been forced from their homes as apartments are turned into quarantine centres.

2022-04-14 Shanghai lockdown: How angry netizens test China's 'Great Firewall'

Videos appearing to show people suffering in Shanghai's lockdown have gone viral, stretching censors.

2022-04-14 Durban flood survivors: South Africans homeless, hurt and heartbroken

"We're traumatised, we can't even eat," one South African woman says after her house was destroyed.

2022-04-14 Germany kidnap plot: Gang planned to overthrow democracy

A gang with links to far-right and anti-Covid groups wanted to overthrow democracy, say prosecutors.

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