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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

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2022-08-14 Cats to be freed from special lockdown in German town

Owners were ordered to keep their felines indoors to protect an endangered bird.

2022-08-14 US Taiwan: Congress team follows Pelosi with second high-level visit in a month

The trip comes just 12 days after a controversial tour by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

2022-08-14 Salman Rushdie off ventilator and able to talk

The Satanic Verses author was repeatedly stabbed while on stage at a US literary event on Friday.

2022-08-13 Salman Rushdie: Author on ventilator and unable to speak, agent says

The Satanic Verses author was stabbed in the neck and abdomen at an event in New York state.

2022-08-11 High and low-tech ways to tackle India's water crisis

India's water situation requires a big investment in tech and many small projects on the ground.

2022-08-11 North Korea leader Kim Jong-un 'suffered fever' during Covid outbreak, says sister

The sister of North Korea's leader also blames South Korea for causing her country's outbreak.

2022-08-10 A new reality for women seeking an abortion in Texas

This is what happened when a woman considering an abortion walked into a crisis pregnancy centre.

2022-08-10 China says Taiwan military drills are over after Pelosi visit

The sea and air exercises were in response to US politician Nancy Pelosi's visit to the island.

2022-08-10 Australia Covid: Contact tracing app branded expensive 'failure'

The health minister urges people to delete the contact-tracing app, which identified just two infections.

2022-08-10 Langya: New virus infects 35 people in eastern China

The patients are thought to have caught the virus from animals such as shrews, and not from humans.

2022-08-10 Fast food giant Domino's pulls out of the birthplace of pizza

The fast food giant's pandemic-related exit from Italy was celebrated by some social media users.

2022-08-09 China property crisis: Why homeowners stopped paying their mortgages

The country's property sector is struggling with a cash crunch, forcing buyers to take extreme steps.

2022-08-09 US doctor issues warning of many undiagnosed polio cases

The New York State medic says there could be hundreds, or even thousands, of infected people there.

2022-08-09 China-Taiwan: What we learned from Beijing's drills around the island

Beijing redefines what is "acceptable" even as Taiwanese attitudes appear to be hardening further.

2022-08-08 China housing crisis: The people living in unfinished apartments

China’s massive economy is being threatened by a crisis in the real estate market. As developers spiral into debt, some people have decided to move into unfinished apartments.

2022-08-08 China resort lockdown: Escaping to Sanya only to face fresh curbs

Many in Sanya had arrived hoping for relief from strict Covid-control measures in bigger cities.

2022-08-08 China-Taiwan: Beijing conducts new military drills near island

The drills were due to end on Sunday but a statement said sea and air exercises were continuing.

2022-08-08 Hong Kong cuts Covid hotel quarantine to three days

Hotel quarantine is to be followed by four days of "medical surveillance" at home or any hotel.

2022-08-07 US President Biden leaves White House for first time since Covid

The US president is leaving for his home state of Delaware after testing negative for the virus.

2022-08-07 Sanya: Covid lockdown strands tourists on 'China's Hawaii'

Over 80,000 tourists in the resort known as "China's Hawaii" face new restrictions and cancelled flights.

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