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2022-07-03 Kenya's cost-of-living crisis: 'I can't afford rice for my children'

Florence Kambua has no choice but to salvage waste from a dump site in Kenya's capital to survive.

2022-07-03 Taiwan: China attack not imminent, but US watching closely, says Gen Milley

Top US general Mark Milley says China clearly is developing the capability to be able to attack Taiwan.

2022-07-03 US woman denied termination in Malta: 'I was terrified'

Andrea was medically evacuated to Spain as doctors in Malta could not terminate her pregnancy under the country's ban on abortion.

2022-07-02 Durban July: South Africa's most fashionable horse race returns

Tens of thousands of South Africans head for the Durban July after a two-year break for Covid.

2022-07-02 Brazil: Rio's residents garden their way out of hunger

Brazilian communities are combatting soaring food prices and a hunger crisis with urban gardens.

2022-07-01 North Korea claims Covid arrived on 'alien things' near border

It has recorded 4.7 million suspected cases since April, after two years of claiming to be Covid-free.

2022-07-01 Xi Jinping in Hong Kong: Tight security as city marks 25 years of handover

China's leader Xi Jinping is visiting in his first trip outside the mainland since the start of the pandemic.

2022-06-30 Sri Lanka fuel crisis: Waiting for days to get fuel

Even taxi drivers and car salesmen are forced into two-day mile-long queues for petrol in Sri Lanka.

2022-06-30 Calais migrant crisis: 15 arrested over Channel tragedy

The deaths of 27 people in November was one of the deadliest incidents in the English Channel.

2022-06-29 The US border crisis - in four graphs

As migration into the US from Mexico continues to surge, it's leading to deadly consequences.

2022-06-29 Australia honey bees put in lockdown due to deadly varroa parasite

A deadly parasite is detected in the country's bee population which could cause millions of dollars of damage.

2022-06-28 Maastricht Tefaf raid: Brazen daylight attack targets art fair

Two suspects are arrested after a gang smashes display cases at a major European fair in Maastricht.

2022-06-28 Texas migrant deaths: Mexico blames poverty and US border crisis

Migrants of Mexican, Honduran and Guatemalan origin were among 50 found dead in a truck in Texas.

2022-06-27 Fertiliser shortage hits African farmers battling food crisis

The global fertiliser shortage is driving up prices and raising fears of food scarcity.

2022-06-27 Bangladesh floods: 'I have nothing left except my life'

Khudeza survived the worst floods in north-east Bangladesh for a century but millions are homeless.

2022-06-25 Afghanistan earthquake: hospital struggles to help survivors

Caring for victims is a challenge in a country already in the grip of a humanitarian crisis.

2022-06-24 Maharashtra crisis: Why resorts often decide political fates in India

In India, politicians are often whisked away to fancy resorts at the time of a crisis - why?

2022-06-23 Tangshan and Xuzhou: Fury and questions over China's treatment of women

Two prominent cases of abuse have ignited a debate about misogyny among the country's young women.

2022-06-23 New Tesla factories losing billions of dollars, Musk says

Elon Musk said the Covid-19 lockdown in Shanghai was "very difficult" for the electric car maker.

2022-06-23 Maradona: Medical staff to be tried for football legend's death

A judge orders a culpable homicide trial for eight people, including the footballer's family doctor.

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