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2022-05-26 How virtual hearings opened Indian courts to public

The pandemic pushed Indian courts to adapt, making the legal system more accessible.

2022-05-26 Ukraine war: World Bank boss warns over global recession

David Malpass also said coronavirus lockdowns in China are contributing to a global slowdown.

2022-05-26 Nigeria's kidnapping crisis: Should ransom payments be banned?

Businessman Lawal Ado has paid ransoms three times and says there is no other option.

2022-05-24 Monkeypox: Cases detected in three more countries for first time

The outbreaks in Europe and America are not normal but remain containable, health officials say.

2022-05-24 Coronavirus: Argentine President Fernández pays 'fine' over lockdown party

Leaked photos of the dinner party held while Covid lockdown measures were in force caused outrage.

2022-05-23 Airbnb to quit China as lockdowns restrict tourism

Stays in China made up only 1% of Airbnb's revenue for the last few years, a source said.

2022-05-23 Monkeypox virus outbreaks are containable - WHO

More than 100 cases of the virus have now been confirmed in 16 countries outside Africa.

2022-05-23 Biden vows to defend Taiwan in apparent US policy shift

The US leader warned China against invading the island, likening such a move to Russia's war in Ukraine.

2022-05-23 North Korea's Kim Jong-un is seen at state funeral not wearing a mask

The North Korean leader attends the funeral of a top military official as the country faces a Covid outbreak.

2022-05-23 World faces big challenges over Covid, monkeypox and wars - WHO

The warning by the UN health agency's chief comes amid an unusual monkeypox outbreak outside Africa.

2022-05-22 Monkeypox: Israel and Switzerland confirm cases

It means the viral outbreak has spread to 14 countries with more than 80 cases detected so far.

2022-05-22 Ukraine war: Against the thud of artillery, miners struggle on

Miners in eastern Ukraine on how a difficult job has become even more dangerous.

2022-05-22 Governments should subsidise food and energy - IMF boss

Kristalina Georgieva says government subsidies can help with the cost of living crisis.

2022-05-21 Femicide: Keeping the memory of murdered women alive with maps

Geraldina Guerra tracks cases of femicide in Ecuador and maps victims' lives online so people can learn about their life as well as their death.

2022-05-21 Spain lifts Covid ban on unvaccinated travellers

UK holidaymakers without a jab will be allowed entry with a negative test or proof of recovery.

2022-05-21 Dying of cold on the streets of São Paulo

A deadly cold snap hits Latin America's biggest city as the number of homeless people grows.

2022-05-21 Covid in North Korea: No response to US vaccine offer

On a visit to the region, President Joe Biden said the US could provide Covid-19 jabs "immediately".

2022-05-21 Biden plan to end US migrant expulsion policy blocked

A US judge says the policy that allows migrants to be expelled over Covid fears must stay in place.

2022-05-20 Non-binary in Iraq: ‘People get killed’

For Iraq's non-binary community, life is difficult and dangerous.

2022-05-20 Monkeypox: 80 cases confirmed in 11 countries, says WHO

Another 50 suspected cases of the rare disease are being investigated, the UN health agency says.

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