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Date Title
2020-07-08 Tutankhamun’s last tour: Behind the mask

Why the global exhibition of one of Egypt’s greatest icons may actually be illegal.

2020-07-08 Japan's Love of Face Masks
2020-07-08 Using MetaMask, an Ethereum Wallet, on Moonbeam, a Polkadot Parachain
2020-07-07 Coronavirus: 'The masks you throw away could end up killing a whale'

As the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more protective equipment is ending up in the sea.

2020-07-07 Coronavirus: Brazil's President Bolsonaro removes mask despite positive Covid-19 test

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has previously been criticised for calling the virus a "little flu".

2020-07-07 Tom Hanks: 'If you can't wear a mask, I've got no respect for you'

Actor Tom Hanks shared his thoughts on appropriate public behaviour in order to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus

2020-07-06 National mask mandate could save 5 percent of GDP, economists say
2020-07-06 Bayonne: Bus driver left brain dead after 'face mask attack'

The driver in France was set upon by people who had no tickets and refused to wear face masks.

2020-07-06 Coronavirus: Louvre reopens with masks and one-way system

Masks are compulsory and visitor numbers are restricted at the world's most-visited museum.

2020-07-05 If you want to know how we get people to wear face masks, ask a sexologist.
2020-07-03 The science of mask-wearing hasn’t changed, so why have our expectations?
2020-07-04 Coronavirus: Face mask exemption cards and other US claims fact-checked

As the debate over wearing face masks intensifies, fake exemption cards have gone on sale.

2020-07-03 Coronavirus: Brazil's Bolsonaro waters down law requiring face masks

Brazil's president vetoes articles making masks obligatory in shops, churches and schools.

2020-07-02 Coronavirus: Texas governor mandates wearing of face masks

Texans who refuse to don the coverings in public settings could be fined up to $250.

2020-07-01 Coronavirus: 'I'm all for masks,' says Trump in change of tone

The president shifts course after his fellow Republicans urge Americans to wear face coverings.

2020-07-01 Fighting over Masks in Public Is the New American Pastime
2020-06-29 Face Masks Considerably Reduce Covid-19 Cases in Germany
2020-06-27 Open letter from a Texas county judge about his Covid mask order
2020-06-24 Washington state to require face masks after county runs out of hospital beds
2020-06-23 Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro ordered to wear mask in public

The Brazilian leader has belittled the risk posed by coronavirus and attended anti-lockdown rallies.

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