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2022-05-13 Sri Lanka economy crisis to get worse before it gets better, PM says

Sri Lanka's new PM tells the BBC the country's dire economic crisis will get worse before it gets better.

2022-05-13 North Korea announces first death from Covid-19

A day after confirming its first cases, state media reports thousands are suffering fever symptoms.

2022-05-12 Ukraine crisis: Could India cut its defence ties with Russia?

India has been under pressure to distance itself from Russia over Ukraine, including reducing defence ties.

2022-05-12 Sri Lanka crisis: How war heroes became villains

The Rajapaksa brothers, hailed by many as heroes for winning the civil war, are now reviled as leaders.

2022-05-12 US surpasses one million deaths to Covid-19

Americans are taking stock after the pandemic's death toll in the US reaches a grim milestone.

2022-05-12 Coastal fire: California mansions burn as wildfires spread

Across North America, wildfire crews are gearing up for a particularly difficult season.

2022-05-12 United States passes one million Covid deaths

It's the highest total in the world - but the WHO thinks the true death toll may be higher elsewhere.

2022-05-12 Sri Lanka crisis: Gotabaya Rajapaksa speech fails to reassure as crisis grows

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa again ignored calls to resign amid protests over an economic crisis.

2022-05-12 North Korea orders strict lockdown with first official Covid cases

State media report the country's first outbreak, but observers believe the virus has long been present.

2022-05-11 Covid mask rules relaxed for EU air travel

Masks will no longer have to be worn on EU flights and in airports from next Monday, new guidance says.

2022-05-11 Sri Lanka protests: Leaders under pressure as anger at economic crisis boils over

Troops have orders to shoot looters on sight as an economic crisis sparks violence and arson.

2022-05-10 ‘If I die no-one will know’: Covid and Hong Kong’s 'cage men'

The Omicron variant overwhelmed the city's healthcare system resulting in many deaths.

2022-05-09 US faces baby formula 'crisis' as shortage worsens

Pressure is building on the White House to address the worsening shortage of formula milk.

2022-05-09 Sri Lanka: Protesters take over streets as country faces economic crisis

It comes as the country's PM, Mahinda Rajapaksa, resigns amid Sri Lanka's deepening economic crisis.

2022-05-09 Mahinda Rajapaksa: Sri Lankan PM resigns amid economic crisis

Protesters have been out on the streets since last month over soaring prices and power cuts.

2022-05-05 Sri Lanka's energy crisis hits country's fishing industry

A lack of fuel, ice, and places to sell their catch has left fishermen in Jaffna in the lurch.

2022-05-05 Covid: World’s true pandemic death toll nearly 15 million, says WHO

These include deaths from Covid and from the indirect effects of the pandemic over two years worldwide.

2022-05-05 Does US really have world's highest Covid death toll?

A new report suggests other countries had more excess deaths than US during the pandemic.

2022-05-04 Why Sigrid feels on top of the world

The pop star talks lockdown blues, singing Nirvana at school, and why she moved all her gold discs.

2022-05-04 Africa's digital business: The women swapping shops for smartphones

Three African women explain how they have boosted their income by going digital since the start of Covid.

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