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2023-04-19 India population: The job crisis driving millions to big cities

Indians are migrating to big cities in search of a better life - but are there enough jobs for them?

2023-04-19 Italian outcry over Lollobrigida 'ethnic replacement' remarks

In a speech about birth rates, the agriculture minister uses a phrase linked to white supremacists.

2023-04-19 Sudan conflict: 'We're expecting to get shot at any time,' doctor says

A Sudanese doctor tells the BBC he fears for his life treating patients at a Khartoum hospital.

2023-04-18 What Americans can learn from Denmark on handling debt ceiling crisis

Only two industrialised nations have debt ceilings - how come only the US fights about it?

2023-04-18 Ralph Yarl: Doctors cannot believe boy survived shooting, mother says

The 16-year-old who was shot after ringing the wrong doorbell in Missouri is recovering at home.

2023-04-17 Sudan crisis: Burhan and Hemedti - the two generals at the heart of the conflict

Gen Burhan and Gen Dagalo's tense relationship has spiralled into conflict engulfing the country.

2023-04-17 Supreme Court: Is India on the cusp of legalising same sex marriage?

All eyes are on the Supreme Court as it readies to hear cases seeking legalisation of same sex union.

2023-04-16 Sudan crisis: Further fierce fighting as clashes spread

The escalation came on the second day of conflict between the country's rival armed factions.

2023-04-16 Sudan crisis: Shock and anger in Khartoum, a city not used to war

Residents say stray bullets and threatened neighbourhood sweeps by armed forces mean nowhere is safe.

2023-04-14 Boeing's 737 Max faces delays over supply problems

It will exacerbate a global plane shortage as travel picks up after the Covid-19 pandemic.

2023-04-13 The dove or the dog: China makes peace while baring teeth

As China tries to play peacemaker, its military actions over Taiwan threaten to undercut its goals.

2023-04-12 Eggs off the menu as Japan battles bird flu crisis

Diners are cutting back while major chains McDonald's and 7-Eleven are even changing recipes.

2023-04-12 Macron on Taiwan: 'An ally not a vassal', says France leader

The French leader says his country should not get caught up in escalation between the US and China.

2023-04-12 Watch: BBC News' interview with Elon Musk in full

The interview, aired live from Twitter HQ, covered mass layoffs, misinformation and his work habits.

2023-04-12 Changi Airport: Hanging out at the world's best airport

Singapore's Changi Airport is a particular point of pride in a country obsessed with rankings.

2023-04-11 Thabo Bester: South Africa celebrity doctor's father charged over rapist's escape

The father of Nandipha Magudumana appears in court in South Africa over Thabo Bester's prison breakout.

2023-04-11 Taiwan bear badge punches back after China drills

The badge depicts a Taiwanese black bear punching Winnie the Pooh, who often symbolises Xi Jinping.

2023-04-11 Interest rates likely to fall to pre-Covid levels, IMF predicts

The financial body predicts borrowing costs will reduce once high inflation is brought under control.

2023-04-11 US and Philippines hold biggest joint military drills

The scheduled exercise comes after China ended three days of large-scale drills around Taiwan.

2023-04-11 Europe migrant crisis: Italy moves to rescue 1,200 people on boats

Two overcrowded fishing boats carrying 800 and 400 people are found off the coast of Sicily.

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