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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

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2022-12-28 Hong Kong to scrap almost all its Covid rules

The Chinese city once had some of the toughest restrictions in the world, but is now opening up.

2022-12-28 China Covid: US considers restrictions on Chinese arrivals

Japan and India have already announced tighter measures as China finally reopens its borders.

2022-12-28 India Covid: Experts say people don't need to panic over China coronavirus surge

A surge in Covid-19 cases in China creates a sense of fear among Indians about a fourth wave.

2022-12-28 What women on minimum wage gave up in 2022

The cost of living crisis has hit people on low wages hard - here's what some have given up this year.

2022-12-27 Spain announces €10bn help to fight rising prices

PM Pedro Sánchez backs aid for households amid an energy crisis prompted by Russia's war in Ukraine.

2022-12-27 Covid in China: People rush to book travel as borders finally reopen

But Chinese tourists will not have unfettered access to all countries - as some impose restrictions.

2022-12-27 Taiwan extends mandatory military service to one year

The decision comes as tensions between the self-ruled island and China grow.

2022-12-26 China to end Covid quarantine for foreign arrivals

The measure, to take effect from 8 January, is part of China's about-turn on its zero-Covid policy.

2022-12-26 China stages big military incursion, Taiwan says

More than 70 fighter jets and drones crossed into its air defence zone, the defence ministry says.

2022-12-24 Bethlehem sees Christmas tourism boost after two-year Covid hiatus

Thousands are expected to visit the Palestinian town, where the economy was badly hit by lockdowns.

2022-12-23 South Sudan floods: Fleeing Nile waters to a minefield

Photos of people displaced by war bearing the brunt of a climate crisis along South Sudan's River Nile.

2022-12-21 China Covid: 'Everyone I know is getting a fever'

The lifting of restrictions has been followed by nationwide outbreaks - and online anger.

2022-12-21 Fleeing China's Covid lockdowns for the US - through a Central American jungle

Fed up with lockdowns and Xi's policies, some Chinese citizens are taking a perilous journey to escape.

2022-12-21 Coronavirus: China's hospitals seem to be filling up - WHO

China's figures say no-one died of Covid on Wednesday - but there is scepticism about the data.

2022-12-21 Children’s Tylenol in short supply - here’s what parents can do

There are simple strategies for parents to find children's pain medication amid the current crisis.

2022-12-21 India steps up Covid surveillance after China surge

The government has instructed states to ensure genome sequencing of all positive cases in the country.

2022-12-21 African, Arab or Amazigh? Morocco's identity crisis

How football ignited a debate over whether Moroccans are Africans, Arabs or Amazigh - or all three.

2022-12-20 Ros Atkins on... China’s Covid surge

As China deals with a new Covid wave, Ros Atkins looks at why it’s hard to assess its scale.

2022-12-20 China Covid: Five deaths under country's new counting method

China has been experiencing a surge in Covid cases after restrictions were eased earlier this month.

2022-12-20 FBI warns of explosion in sextortion cases targeting teenagers

There has been a rise in cases of teenage boys being tricked into sending explicit pictures online.

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