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2023-02-10 Tech layoffs: Yahoo to slash 20% of its workforce

Yahoo joins the growing list of tech companies cutting jobs as consumer and corporate spending shrink.

2023-01-23 Spotify cuts jobs in latest round of tech layoffs

The music-streaming company says it is shedding 6% of its workforce.

2022-12-07 US tech layoffs: The good Samaritans helping Indians find jobs

Tech workers are rallying together to help peers who face having to leave the US after being laid off.

2022-12-05 Meta, Amazon, Twitter layoffs: 'Tech layoffs will not destroy our American dreams'

Surbhi Gupta, who was laid off in the US, on the uncertainties she and other visa holders are dealing with.

2022-11-22 US tech layoffs: India workers face painful exit from the US

Indians are among thousands of educated and skilled immigrant workers laid off by US tech giants.

2022-11-16 Byjus, Meta, Twitter: India tech workers fight back amid mass layoffs

Many young Indians who've lost their jobs are looking for ways to air their frustration and build support.

2022-09-13 Financial giant Goldman Sachs set for hundreds of layoffs

The global investment bank said in July it might slow hiring as the economic outlook worsens.

2022-06-17 Elon Musk hints at layoffs in first meeting with Twitter employees

The billionaire also discussed aliens in his first address to the social media firm's staff.

2021-10-11 My first industry job: lies, deceptions, and layoffs
2021-09-09 Eventbrite sheds most of its SF office space a year after mass layoffs
2021-08-16 Ford targeted older salaried employees during 2019 layoffs
2021-05-29 Alphabet moonshot Loon is jolted by layoffs
2021-02-23 Mass Layoffs Said to Hit Terrafugia Weeks After Its Flying Car Was FAA-Approved
2020-09-29 Disney to layoff 28,000 employees as coronavirus slams its theme park business
2020-09-14 Feds: IBM did discriminate against older workers in making layoffs
2020-08-30 Germany eyes a four-day week to help prevent mass layoffs
2020-08-23 Mozilla's Speech-to-Text Engine Is at Risk Following Layoffs
2020-08-20 Why Mozilla's layoffs and Google deal made me rethink my browser of choice
2020-08-19 Thunderbird email client survives Mozilla layoffs
2020-08-16 Mozilla employee on layoffs and why servo was not meant to replace gecko
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