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Date Title
2021-10-16 Teen Girls Are Developing Tics. Doctors Say TikTok Could Be a Factor
2021-10-15 Women earned the majority of doctoral degrees in 2020 for the 12th straight year
2021-10-09 Doctors Caucus Letter Urging CDC to Acknowledge Covid-19 Natural Immunity
2021-10-08 Doctors Are Injecting Bleach to Treat Covid in Bolivia
2021-09-29 Publishers unite to tackle doctored images in research papers
2021-09-28 Half of American kids have lead in their blood, doctors say
2021-09-28 NHS Doctors Who Volunteered in Novavax Trial Unable to Travel or Get Boosters
2021-09-21 “I quit”: Cory Doctorow on smoking, indifference, and denialism
2021-09-21 Texas abortion: Doctor sued in first known challenges of new law

The cases against a doctor who admitted to performing an abortion are the first known lawsuits.

2021-09-10 Why Did So Many Doctors Become Nazis?
2021-09-09 How Doctors die. It’s not like the rest of us (2016)
2021-09-05 Doctors should be allowed to give priority to vaccinated patients
2021-09-05 Doctors advise against intensive sport after Covid vaccination
2021-09-04 Ivermectin: Oklahoma doctor warns against using unproven Covid drug

People are arriving at US hospitals after overdosing in the unproven belief it can treat Covid.

2021-09-04 Doctors and pharmacists ramp up calls for Americans to stop using ivermectin
2021-08-26 Covid-19: Florida doctor 'offered parents mask exemption letters for students'

The Florida doctor reportedly offered the medical letters for pupils in schools with mask rules.

2021-08-20 Cory Doctorow on the technological debt in machine learning
2021-08-14 'This was a race and we lost': How US doctors really feel about Covid surge

Healthcare workers react to the growing rise of Covid patients in US hospitals despite vaccines.

2021-08-11 Woman in Sydney investigated for pretending to be a doctor

The 27-year-old worked for eight months this year at a Sydney hospital, Australian media reports.

2021-08-08 A doctor nagged his twin brother to lose weight–but arguments can be destructive
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