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2023-02-16 Hospitals overwhelmed by Aleppo quake victims

Wards cannot take in new casualties, nor can homeless patients be discharged, the BBC finds.

2023-02-15 Peru's Machu Picchu reopens as protests shift to capital

The popular Inca site was closed three weeks ago when anti-government protesters cut off access routes.

2023-02-15 First UN aid convoy enters quake-hit Syria via new crossing

The UN says 11 lorries have driven through a reopened border crossing into rebel-held north-west Syria.

2023-02-14 Oscars class photo: 10 things we spotted

This year marks the triumphant return of the Academy's annual yearbook photo after a pandemic-induced hiatus.

2023-02-13 Israel judicial reform plans draw mass protests outside parliament

Critics say the government will have too much power, as a constitutional crisis divides the country.

2023-02-11 Grieving a daughter's Covid death in Wuhan - while being surveilled

Yang Min has demanded "justice" for her daughter, who died of Covid in China three years ago.

2023-02-11 Crisis upon crisis: Why it's hard to get help to Syria after earthquake

Little foreign aid has arrived in the country - and promises of better access may not change much.

2023-02-11 John Tory: Toronto mayor quits after affair with ex-staffer during pandemic

John Tory said the relationship was "a serious error in judgement" after it was revealed by a newspaper.

2023-02-11 US Senator John Fetterman discharged from hospital

Admitted on Wednesday for feeling lightheaded, doctors confirmed he did not have a stroke or seizure.

2023-02-10 Fighter jets for Ukraine: The challenges of giving warplanes to Kyiv

Ukraine wants Western jets to help fight Russia, but using them effectively could be difficult.

2023-02-10 Moldovan government resigns in wake of multiple crises

Neighbouring Ukraine, the country is battling inflation, an energy crisis and Russian aggression.

2023-02-10 Eskom crisis: What does South Africa’s state of disaster mean?

Will the state of disaster help the government deal with the unprecedented power-cuts?

2023-02-10 Sergei Furgal: Former Russian regional governor jailed in murder cases

Sergei Furgal - who beat the Kremlin's preferred candidate in his region - is sentenced to 22 years.

2023-02-10 Tech layoffs: Yahoo to slash 20% of its workforce

Yahoo joins the growing list of tech companies cutting jobs as consumer and corporate spending shrink.

2023-02-08 Nigeria's naira crisis: Supreme Court suspends banknote deadline

The deadline to stop using old naira notes was Friday but banks did not have enough new currency.

2023-02-07 Relics of zero-Covid dot China as life moves on

The country amassed zero-Covid infrastructure - now much of it is being dismantled or repurposed.

2023-02-06 South Africa's power cuts hit vineyards: No power, no pinot

The country's worst-ever energy crisis lead to fears for South Africa's wine industry.

2023-02-06 Palestinian gunmen killed in Israeli raid in Jericho

Five Hamas militants were killed, as a particularly bloody period between the two sides continues.

2023-02-05 Turkey elections: Biggest test for Erdogan amid cost of living crisis

Rampant inflation is a key issue for voters as Turkey’s President Erdogan faces elections in May.

2023-02-04 Venezuela's slow economic recovery leaves poorest behind

A crisis-hit economy shows signs of life – but in the capital, some are still barely scraping by.

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