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2023-08-04 Is this the end of the Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth Games is in crisis - seeking hosts for the 2026 and 2030 editions after Victoria and Alberta's withdrawals. So what happens next?

2023-08-04 Taiwan's new MeToo laws are welcome but activists want more

New sexual harassment laws target workplaces and schools, but critics say they still fall short.

2023-08-03 Lizzo lawsuit: Singer says dancers’ harassment claims are false

The singer calls the last few days "gut-wrenchingly difficult and overwhelmingly disappointing".

2023-08-03 Voter panel: 'Indictment is pulling us apart'

They tell the BBC how these charges compare to previous cases and how this sets up the 2024 election.

2023-08-02 Canada PM Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie separate

Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie split after 18 years, following "meaningful and difficult conversations"

2023-08-01 Mexican city to fine performers of 'misogynistic' songs

The measure comes amid "pandemic" levels of violence against women, the mayor of Chihuahua says.

2023-07-28 Sexual assault survivors laud Biden order reforming military justice

The overhaul puts independent military prosecutors, not commanders, in charge of prosecuting cases.

2023-07-28 Lee Meng-chu: Taiwan businessman accused of spying in China is freed

A Taiwanese businessman's ordeal in China has underscored escalating tensions.

2023-07-28 Vietnam jails 50 in mass bribery trial over Covid-19 flights

Judges said the accused extorted money from people taking repatriation flights during the Covid pandemic.

2023-07-28 Alpha-gal syndrome: Meat allergy linked to tick bites rising, CDC says

Up to 450,000 Americans may have a syndrome that causes a dangerous reaction to several types of meat.

2023-07-27 Han Kuang: Taiwan conducts drills to repel a Chinese invasion

Taiwan has learned from Russia's invasion of Ukraine and is moving to fortify vulnerable points.

2023-07-26 North Korea: China and Russia in first post-pandemic visits

Russian and Chinese delegations are the first to visit after the country shut borders due to the pandemic.

2023-07-25 Typhoon Doksuri: Taiwan cancels Han Kuang military drills

The annual Han Kuang exercise aims to test the island's defences in case of an attack from Beijing.

2023-07-24 Israel judicial reform: What is the crisis about?

Israel has been gripped by months of mass protests against government plans. Here's why.

2023-07-24 Taiwan investigates police after teenager sexually assaulted in botched sting

The 13-year-old had been used in an undercover operation to help catch a man she met on a dating app.

2023-07-23 Cambodia election: 'This was more of a coronation than an election'

Prime Minister Hun Sen's son is expected to take over within weeks of the vote.

2023-07-23 The 1975 cancels Indonesia and Taiwan shows after Malaysia LGBT row

The band has cancelled upcoming concerts in Indonesia - where homosexuality is shunned - and Taiwan.

2023-07-22 Africa unmasked at the Tate: The continent through its own lens

The Tate showcases Africa's past, present and future through the lenses of artists from the continent.

2023-07-22 Greece fires: Thousands flee homes and hotels on Rhodes as fires spread

Greece's deputy fire chief says the island's fires are the most difficult his service is now facing.

2023-07-21 TSMC: Chip giant delays Arizona production in blow to Biden

Taiwan-based TSMC says semiconductors manufacturing at its Arizona plant will no longer begin in 2024.

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