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2024-03-30 Lizzo says she 'quits' after 'lies' against her

The pop star said she was tired of being ridiculed for her looks and character in an Instagram post.

2024-03-30 Canada's experiment with drug decriminalisation

The test policy to help address a deadly drug crisis in British Columbia faces scrutiny.

2024-03-29 Trump pushes legal challenges in two cases

Mr Trump's legal team want a district attorney removed in one case and a gag order limited in another.

2024-03-29 Israel crisis deepens over ultra-Orthodox draft

Ultra-Orthodox in the government react furiously over a High Court order on military service.

2024-03-29 Governor details early plan to remove Baltimore bridge

Maryland's governor has outlined a basic four-step plan to remove the wreckage and reopen the port.

2024-03-28 China axes Covid-era tariffs on Australian wine

It comes as relations have improved since a new Canberra government was elected in 2022.

2024-03-26 One dead, dozens sick after taking red yeast pill

The Japanese drugmaker links the cases to its fermented rice products, which it has now recalled.

2024-03-25 Boeing boss to leave as firm faces safety crisis

Dave Calhoun will leave the planemaker at end of this year amid a deepening crisis over its safety record.

2024-03-23 Did Russia ignore US 'extremist' attacks warning?

The attack on a concert hall in Moscow raises difficult questions for Putin at a time of global mistrust.

2024-03-23 How Gaza war is testing the limits of US influence

The US is cranking every lever to turn this crisis into a long-lasting peace. But is it an impossible dream?

2024-03-21 Canada to set first-ever cap on temporary residents

It is the latest shift in the country's immigration policy amid a housing and affordability crisis.

2024-03-21 Deadly suicide bomb reported at Kandahar bank

At least 21 people were killed in the attack in the southern Afghan city, a doctor told the BBC.

2024-03-20 Canada finds C$5m in fraudulent billing by suppliers

It is "the first wave" of such cases in federal procurement expected to be found, officials said on Wednesday.

2024-03-19 Bolsonaro accused of fraud over Covid vaccine record

The indictment paves the way for the former Brazilian president to face possible criminal charges.

2024-03-18 'We are trapped' says Gazan doctor, as Israel raids al-Shifa hospital

Israel says it launched the overnight raid because Hamas was using the hospital in Gaza City as a base.

2024-03-18 How a near-death experience helped this addict recover

Bryan Emery was a fentanyl user living on the streets of San Francisco, a city hard-hit by the opioid crisis.

2024-03-14 Water crisis shakes India’s Silicon Valley

With long queues at public taps and fewer showers, Bengaluru's residents reel under a water shortage.

2024-03-14 Tapeworm eggs in brain linked to undercooked bacon

Doctors say a 52-year-old US man infected himself after contracting a tapeworm from underdone pork.

2024-03-13 Wildlife staff wear fox mask to care for rescued kit

The woman behind the mask explains why she dressed up to tend to an orphaned baby fox.

2024-03-13 Biden's St Patrick's cheer can't mask Gaza tensions

Joe Biden will celebrate the return of devolution to Northern Ireland, but the war in Gaza looms large.

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