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2023-06-28 Van life is far from glamorous on LA's streets

"Van lords" profit from LA's housing crisis by renting motorhomes to those living on the edge, critics say.

2023-06-27 US health alert over malaria cases in Florida and Texas

Two states are seeing locally acquired cases- the first spread inside the US in 20 years.

2023-06-24 Intelligence report says US split on Covid-19 origins

A declassified report finds no direct evidence the virus came from a lab, but adds it can't be ruled out.

2023-06-23 Taiwan MeToo: Exiled human rights activist Teng Biao apologises

Exiled rights activist Teng Biao apologises to a journalist as the MeToo movement picks up in Taiwan.

2023-06-20 Migrant crisis: Tunisian fisherman finds dead bodies in his net

Many migrants leave from Tunisia by boat to reach Europe, but the consequences can be tragic.

2023-06-20 Taiwan kindergarten druggings spark alarm among island's parents

At least eight children at a preschool were found with trace amounts of sedatives in their system.

2023-06-17 Sudan crisis: Five children among 17 killed in air strikes

Twenty-five homes were destroyed in the densely populated area of Yarmouk, where civilians are trapped.

2023-06-14 If Trump isn't a spy, why is he being charged under the Espionage Act?

Few cases involving the US Espionage Act revolve around suspects accused of acting on behalf of a enemy.

2023-06-14 Taiwan sees MeToo wave of allegations after Netflix show

The island has seen a wave of sexual harassment allegations against high-profile men.

2023-06-14 Jocelyn Chia: US comedian calls Malaysia's reaction to MH370 joke 'ridiculous'

Jocelyn Chia tells the BBC she is not making fun of victims, after Malaysia asked Interpol to locate her.

2023-06-11 Ukraine floods recede but fears over disease remain

Tens of thousands have lost access to drinking water and the UK is warning of a "sanitation crisis".

2023-06-10 Nigerian kidnap gangs drive big-time Nigerian farmers away

Some of those key to boosting agricultural output in Africa's most-populous nation have given up.

2023-06-10 Donald Trump calls indictment 'ridiculous and baseless' in Georgia speech

Mr Trump spoke at a Republican convention, his first outing since his indictment were announced.

2023-06-10 Pope Francis: Pontiff to miss weekly Sunday blessing after operation

Doctors say the Pope is recovering from abdominal surgery, but will remain in hospital for another week.

2023-06-08 Eurozone in recession as rising prices hit spending

Revised data shows the eurozone's economy contracted at the end of last year and the start of 2023.

2023-06-08 Ukraine dam: Floods devastate tracts of rich farmland

The long-term consequences for agriculture will be severe in one of Ukraine's most fertile areas.

2023-06-07 BBC Weather forecast on Canada wildfire smoke

Our meteorologist sees no respite for major cities from the particulate pollution over the next week.

2023-06-07 US doctors forced to ration as cancer drug shortages hit nationwide

One woman denied a chemotherapy drug compared the situation to "triage on the battlefield".

2023-06-07 Ukraine dam: Thousands flee as floods submerge Kherson and nearby towns

Officials say there could be a catastrophic impact on agriculture, worsening global food shortages.

2023-06-07 Difficult questions remain despite 'remarkable' golf truce

Golf's shock merger is a stunning example of the shift in power that Saudi Arabia's investment in sport is bringing about.

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