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2024-03-14 Water crisis shakes India’s Silicon Valley

With long queues at public taps and fewer showers, Bengaluru's residents reel under a water shortage.

2024-03-14 Tapeworm eggs in brain linked to undercooked bacon

Doctors say a 52-year-old US man infected himself after contracting a tapeworm from underdone pork.

2024-03-13 Wildlife staff wear fox mask to care for rescued kit

The woman behind the mask explains why she dressed up to tend to an orphaned baby fox.

2024-03-13 Biden's St Patrick's cheer can't mask Gaza tensions

Joe Biden will celebrate the return of devolution to Northern Ireland, but the war in Gaza looms large.

2024-03-11 Bird flu infects penguins at famous wildlife haven

The first avian influenza cases in the penguins of South Georgia are reported by scientists.

2024-03-11 Skier dies after 600ft fall down Mount Washington

The 20 year old fell at Tuckerman Ravine while skiing in difficult conditions, officials say.

2024-03-11 Japan avoids recession as growth figures revised

Data released last month indicated the country's economy had shrunk for a second quarter in a row.

2024-03-10 US military ship heading to Gaza to build port

With land and air deliveries proving difficult, it is hoped a floating pier will help aid get into Gaza by sea.

2024-03-08 Colorado DNA scandal threatens hundreds of cases

A retired forensic examiner is accused of manipulating at least 652 cases over her 29-year career.

2024-03-07 Maine mass shooter's brain showed signs of injury

Doctors say Robert Card, who killed 18 people in October, may have suffered brain injuries in army training.

2024-03-07 Online gambling firm Bet365 probed in Australia

The industry has come under increased scrutiny after online betting surged in during the pandemic.

2024-03-05 German patient vaccinated against Covid 217 times

Researchers have written up the unusual case in a medical journal.

2024-03-05 In Ukraine, the show must go on - even underground

Kharkiv National Opera and Ballet is reopening underground, away from Russian drones and missiles.

2024-03-04 Would a £150,000 wage tempt you to a Scottish island?

High salaries are on offer to bring doctors and teachers to Scotland's most beautiful remote communities.

2024-03-03 Swiss vote to give themselves a bigger pension

Majority votes for a '13th month' payment to address a cost of living crisis, but the government says it could not afford it.

2024-03-03 Gazans crowdfund thousands for uncertain escape

People hoping to leave Gaza in a widening humanitarian crisis must dodge scammers and pay huge sums.

2024-03-02 Fergal Keane: Aid convoy tragedy shows fear of starvation haunts Gaza

The international community is under pressure to tackle the growing crisis of hunger in the territory, writes Fergal Keane.

2024-02-29 S Korea doctors face arrest if they don't end strike

Junior doctors have gone on strike over the past week, causing disruption and delays to surgeries.

2024-02-28 Biden 'fit for duty' after medical, says doctor

The US president says "everything's great" after undergoing his annual physical examination.

2024-02-28 Where do Biden and Trump differ on immigration?

Biden's efforts to dismantle Trump's policies have proved difficult amid record migrant numbers

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