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2023-08-22 Pakistan cable car: Why it's such a difficult rescue

The cable car rescue is challenging due to its shape and fragility, explains BBC's Courtney Bembridge.

2023-08-22 North Korea airline flies first international flight since Covid

Flight tracking data showed an Air Koryo flight landing in Beijing from Pyongyang on Tuesday morning.

2023-08-22 Lost luggage showing signs of recovery after hitting 10-year high

New airline data indicates the number of lost, delayed or damaged bags is returning to pre-pandemic levels.

2023-08-21 Canada wildfires: Trudeau criticises Facebook over news ban amid crisis

The prime minister accuses the company of putting profits over safety amid Canada's wildfire crisis.

2023-08-21 China cuts key interest rate as recovery falters

The country's post-Covid recovery has been hit by a property crisis, falling exports and weak consumer spending.

2023-08-19 Taiwan detects 42 warplanes in Chinese military drills

Taiwan condemned China's actions, saying the military drills were "irrational and provocative".

2023-08-15 Racketeering and fraud: Trump's charges in Georgia

This is the former president's fourth criminal indictment - he faces 78 charges from three other cases.

2023-08-15 Maui fire: Families in Lahaina describe devastation after wildfire

Volunteers step in to help the homeless after the deadliest US wildfire in more than a century.

2023-08-15 Trump indictments: A very simple guide to his four big legal cases

His courtroom problems are mounting as he campaigns to become president again in the 2024 election.

2023-08-14 Taiwan VP a 'troublemaker' for US visit: Beijing

William Lai's stopover in the US on his way to Paraguay rile China.

2023-08-14 Israelis seek opportunities abroad amid unrest at home

A poll suggests as many as one in three Israelis are considering leaving the country over the crisis.

2023-08-13 New Zealand's youth vaping crisis clouds smoke-free future

As cigarettes are phased out, parents say new laws do little to address rampant vaping by young people.

2023-08-11 Lost homes and missing loved ones after Maui wildfires

Getting in contact with loved ones has been made difficult by poor mobile reception on the island.

2023-08-10 Georgia doctor decapitated baby using 'excessive force' in delivery

Dr Tracey St Julian is being sued for gross negligence and fraud by the parents.

2023-08-10 UN-Syria Bab al-Hawa aid delivery deal raises fears

A deal is reached to reopen a vital crossing, but aid groups warn it could be manipulated by Syria.

2023-08-09 Niger's coup leader General Tchiani: The ex-UN peacekeeper who seized power

Gen Tchiani has triggered a major crisis by overthrowing the president he was meant to guard.

2023-08-08 Who is Fani Willis, the prosecutor taking on Donald Trump in Georgia?

Fulton County’s first female district attorney is known for her ability to handle complex cases.

2023-08-06 Elephant corridors: The busy trunk routes where locals take care to cross

The difficulties facing people living next to Botswana's growing African elephant population.

2023-08-05 US approves postpartum depression pill

Clinical trials showed the drug helped to reduce depressive symptoms in as little as three days.

2023-08-05 Jordan's free speech boundaries tested with satire

An Arabic magazine banned by Jordan for poking fun at a royal wedding hits back with ridicule.

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