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2022-10-04 Key cases to watch as US Supreme Court returns

Months after upending abortion rights, the Supreme Court returns for another term of high-profile cases.

2022-10-03 Pakistan floods: 'It’s like fighting a war with no end'

Pakistan's worst floods in years have left millions homeless and lacking clean drinking water.

2022-10-02 NFL and NFLPA say changes to concussion protocol needed after Tua Tagovailoa incident

The NFL and its players' association say changes are needed to concussion protocol after reports the doctor who cleared Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has been fired.

2022-10-01 Ukraine war: Indian doctor forced to abandon beloved pet jaguar

Girikumar Patil, who lived with two big cats in war-torn Ukraine, says he is now separated from them.

2022-09-30 Tunisia cost-of-living crisis: 'My husband either reaches Europe or dies at sea'

Life is getting so hard in Tunisia that increasing numbers are ready to risk their lives to reach Europe.

2022-09-30 Australia ends Covid isolation rule as it moves beyond 'emergency phase'

After enforcing particularly tough rules, the country says its "emergency phase" is probably over.

2022-09-30 Kashmir: Films return to big screen after 23 years

Theatres are set to reopen more than two decades after an armed rebellion forced their closure.

2022-09-30 What is Ebola and why is Uganda's outbreak so serious?

It is proving more difficult to deal with as vaccines are not available for a rare strain of the virus.

2022-09-29 Ukraine-Russia war: US army doctor and wife charged with Russia spying

The army major doctor and her wife, a civilian doctor, are charged over plans to leak health information.

2022-09-28 Myanmar OnlyFans model sentenced to six years jail

The model and former doctor had previously posted pictures of herself at anti-junta protests online.

2022-09-27 Brazil cost of living: The food delivery riders who can't afford to eat

Delivery rider Luciano is just one of those going to extreme measures to survive Brazil's cost of living crisis.

2022-09-26 Uganda's Ebola outbreak: Trainee doctors go on strike over safety fears

Trainee nurses, pharmacists and doctors at a Ugandan hospital fear their lives are being put at risk.

2022-09-25 Covid: The Chinese artist filming PCR tests inside his mouth

Siyuan Zhuji compiled close-up footage of himself taking dozens of tests.

2022-09-23 Hong Kong Covid: Double-masked flautists in ad spark ridicule

The video was released a day after authorities had earlier announced extensions to Covid restrictions.

2022-09-23 Cancer-killing virus shows promise in patients

One man injected with the modified cold sore virus saw his tumour completely disappear.

2022-09-22 In photos: Kashmir's nomadic tribe faces existential crisis

Kashmir's Bakarwals are determined to maintain their traditional lifestyle despite pressures to change.

2022-09-22 Sri Lanka: Inflation rate jumps to 70.2% in August

The South Asian nation is facing its worst economic crisis since independence from the UK in 1948.

2022-09-21 Ukraine war: The Russians risking freedom to protest Putin's invasion

Activists describe the conflict as "horrific" and don masks to spray messages on Russian streets.

2022-09-21 Danish queen tests positive for Covid day after Queen Elizabeth II's funeral

Queen Margrethe II attended Queen Elizabeth's funeral and is now Europe's longest-serving head of state.

2022-09-21 Germany nationalises gas giant amid energy crisis

The German government is taking a 98.5% stake in Uniper, one of the country's biggest suppliers.

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