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2023-05-05 Covid global health emergency is over, WHO says

Close to 20 million people are likely to have died during the last three years, says the WHO.

2023-05-05 US job creation robust despite banking crisis

Employers in the US added 253,000 jobs in April as the labour market held up better than expected.

2023-05-04 Polarised politics are tearing Pakistan apart

Amid unprecedented crisis, Pakistan's leaders are locked in a power struggle. What will happen?

2023-05-04 Covid: China tourism rebounds above pre-pandemic levels

Domestic travel in the country jumped sharply during the five-day May Day break.

2023-05-03 Can Morocco solve Europe’s energy crisis?

Morocco plans to send renewable energy to Europe, but some want it to save it for its home market.

2023-05-03 King Charles' coronation: How would it happen in Ghana?

Ghana is very familiar with lavish royal ceremonies filled with ritual.

2023-05-03 US drug regulator approves world's first RSV vaccine

Officials say the vaccine against the deadly virus could be rolled out for older adults by August.

2023-05-02 Sudan crisis sparks fresh wave of Darfur refugees into Chad

After two decades of turmoil people in Darfur, west Sudan, are scared of being targets once again.

2023-05-02 'Nothing we can do but watch babies die': Afghan hospitals in crisis

The grim hospital where even basic needs cannot be met and children die of preventable diseases.

2023-05-02 Fang Bin: China Covid whistleblower returns home to Wuhan after jail

Fang Bin was one of several "citizen journalists" who reported from the epicentre of the pandemic.

2023-05-02 US lawmaker goes viral after shirtless Zoom meeting

During a virtual meeting with other politicians, senator Calvin Bahr appeared to cast a vote from bed.

2023-05-02 Sudan crisis: Civilians facing 'catastrophe' as 100,000 flee fighting - UN

A further 334,000 people have been displaced within Sudan, but hopes rise of possible peace talks.

2023-05-02 Minnesota senator appears topless while casting vote over Zoom

Republican lawmaker Calvin Bahr casts a vote at a legislative meeting streamed live on YouTube.

2023-05-02 Princess Anne on King Charles: ‘You know what you're getting’

In a rare interview, ahead of the coronation, the princess says "you know what you're getting" with King Charles.

2023-05-01 'I built a Lego railway station and flew it from US'

Tyler Lawler, from Oklahoma City, built the station during the first Covid lockdown.

2023-04-30 Sudan crisis: Chaos at port as thousands rush to leave

The BBC's Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet reports from Port Sudan as thousands flee.

2023-04-30 Sudan crisis: Air strikes and fighting in Khartoum as truce collapses

The army says it is attacking the capital from all directions to flush out its paramilitary rivals.

2023-04-29 Sudan crisis risks becoming a nightmare for the world - former PM Hamdok

Former PM Abdalla Hamdok says the Sudan conflict could become worse than the wars in Syria and Libya.

2023-04-29 Why US presidents skip royal coronations

There will be one glaring absence among the dignitaries at King Charles' coronation: US President Joe Biden.

2023-04-28 Sudan crisis: The football coach forced to flee Khartoum

Florent Ibenge, in charge of the country's leading club, hopes to be reunited with his players soon.

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