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2024-01-13 William Lai: Taiwan just chose a president China loathes. What now?

How William Lai manages Beijing, and how Beijing reacts to him, will determine his presidency.

2024-01-13 Taiwan elects William Lai president in historic election

The move has angered Beijing which reviles Mr Lai and his pro-sovereignty party.

2024-01-13 Taiwan election: DPP supporters celebrate at rally

Democratic Progressive Party supporters celebrate at a rally as their opponents concede in the Taiwan election.

2024-01-12 Rapper Jelly Roll urges Congress to take action on fentanyl crisis

The musician, who dealt drugs in the past, said he wanted to be "part of the solution" in testimony Thursday.

2024-01-11 Taiwan election: It's not war young voters worry about - it's jobs

With high home prices and stagnant wages, young voters care more about the economy than Beijing's threats.

2024-01-11 Lloyd Austin: Pentagon to review handling of defence secretary's illness

The inspector general has launched a review of how the defence secretary's health crisis was handled.

2024-01-11 Taiwan election: China warns voters then condemns US 'brazen chattering'

China says the ruling party candidate is a risk to relations, then condemns US "brazen chattering".

2024-01-11 China and Taiwan: Love and longing across the strait

Beijing has made its position clear on Taiwan, but what do the country's citizens want?

2024-01-10 Hard choices for the West in Red Sea stand-off

Most of the world deplores the Houthi attacks on shipping, but there are barriers which make it difficult for the West to stop them.

2024-01-10 Swedish £6,000 dine and dash investigation reopened

A group of 35 people allegedly left a Malmö restaurant without paying on Christmas Day.

2024-01-10 House holds hearing on impeaching Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over US border

Lawmakers held a hearing on removing the Homeland Security secretary as the border crisis heats up.

2024-01-10 'Deep concern' for patients and staff at Gaza's al-Aqsa hospital

Three UK doctors who worked at al-Aqsa hospital warn of a "disaster" as fighting nearby intensifies.

2024-01-10 China tells US it will 'never compromise' on Taiwan

The US and China have held their first talks since 2021, days before a crucial election in Taiwan.

2024-01-09 Gunmen storm Ecuador television studio live on air

Footage shows armed men wearing masks surrounding journalists in the Guayaquil-based newsroom.

2024-01-09 Global economy set for weakest growth since pandemic, warns World Bank

Concerns over interest rates and Middle East mean the World Bank expects growth of just 2.4% in 2024.

2024-01-09 Fuel in Cuba to become five times more expensive

The island is experiencing a crippling economic crisis which has already driven thousands to emigrate.

2024-01-09 South Korea passes law banning dog meat trade

Dog meat has fallen out of favour, particularly with young diners, in recent decades.

2024-01-09 China satellite launch triggers air raid alert in Taiwan ahead of election

Mobile phone users across Taiwan got an "air raid alert", underlining jitters ahead of pivotal elections.

2024-01-08 Taiwan election: Kuomintang party promises peace with China

Promising peace with China, the once-dominant KMT faces a difficult balancing act in upcoming polls.

2024-01-08 German farmers blockade Berlin with tractors in subsidy row

The government is grappling with a budget crisis after a court ruled its 2024 budget was illegal.

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