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Date Title
2021-09-14 My Bosses at McKinsey Made Us Get on 2 A.m. Zoom Calls
2021-09-02 Switching cameras off during meetings found to reduce Zoom fatigue
2021-08-29 Is Zoom Illegal in the EU? Unpacking the Hamburg DPA’s Decision
2021-08-26 To fight Zoom fatigue, give people the freedom to turn their cameras off
2021-08-18 Sandboxing Zoom
2021-08-17 Stop using Zoom, Hamburg’s data protection agency warns state government
2021-08-11 Show HN: Padka – Make your Zoom sessions more fun and engaging
2021-06-08 Show HN: Zoom / Teams Open Source alternative for online learning
2021-06-05 Tips for Interviewing over Zoom
2021-05-22 6th Grader Expelled After Zoom Provided Possibly Inaccurate IP Address
2021-05-11 Apple Gave Zoom Access to Special API for Camera During Split View Multitasking
2021-04-15 William Amos: Canadian politician seen naked in work Zoom call

Canadian MP William Amos apologises, saying he was changing after going for a jog.

2021-03-31 Reschedule the Zoom Call
2021-03-28 Implicit In-order Forests: Zooming a billion trace events at 60fps
2021-03-26 Drop the Zoom video? Audio-only communication boosts group IQ
2021-03-24 Citigroup launches Zoom-free Fridays to ease pandemic 'fatigue'

The bank's CEO unveils new working practices to ease "the relentlessness of the pandemic workday".

2021-03-19 8 year girl found a way to avoid online lesson by exploiting Zoom password block
2021-03-19 Oscars 2021: Nominees told Zoom attendance not an option

Producers say great efforts have been made to make the show safe to attend in person.

2021-03-16 A Year of Zoom Genitals, Bourbon Bottles and Child-Rearing
2021-03-11 Building a Zoom Mute Button
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