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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2020-05-15 T cells found in Covid-19 patients ‘bode well’ for long-term immunity
2020-05-15 Nearly 40% of Icelanders are using a Covid app–and it hasn’t helped much
2020-05-15 House Legislation Guarantees Internet Access for Those Affected by Covid-19
2020-05-15 90% of people who tested positive for Covid-19 in Mission District could not WFH
2020-05-15 Factors associated with Covid-19 deaths in records of 17M adult NHS patients
2020-05-15 Virginia Juked Its Covid-19 Data
2020-05-15 White House 'Operation Warp Speed' to look for Covid jab

President Trump claims the initiative will deliver results in 2020, but US must reopen even with no vaccine.

2020-05-15 Testosterone, a key hormone in the context of Covid-19 pandemic
2020-05-15 Young, healthy people are getting sick from Covid-19
2020-05-15 A 7 Amazon employee dies of Covid-19 as the company refuses to say how many sick
2020-05-15 Vitamin D and Inflammation: Potential Implications for Severity of Covid-19
2020-05-14 Aarogya Setu: Why India's Covid-19 contact tracing app is controversial

Aarogya Setu, India's contact tracing app, has crossed 100 million downloads, but has raised concerns.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: Amsterdam trials 'Covid-safe' restaurant

Dutch restaurants are currently closed but a trial is under way to see how they could operate safely.

2020-05-14 Japan suicides decline as Covid-19 lockdown causes shift in stress factors
2020-05-14 Appalachian Trail: Covid postpones the great American adventure

For Americans are missing the great outdoors, the Appalachian Trail is waiting.

2020-05-14 Woman stalked by sandwich server via her Covid-19 contact tracing info
2020-05-14 Physical distancing may extend to 2022, Covid-19 study finds
2020-05-14 New Zealand has third day with 0 new Covid cases as it leaves lockdown
2020-05-14 Coronavirus: Why hasn't the UK listed loss of smell as a symptom of Covid-19?

Some scientists argue that it is becoming urgent to tell people with sudden loss of smell to self-isolate.

2020-05-14 Covid Targets the Elderly. Why Don’t Our Prevention Efforts?
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