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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2022-06-29 Australia honey bees put in lockdown due to deadly varroa parasite

A deadly parasite is detected in the country's bee population which could cause millions of dollars of damage.

2022-06-01 Shanghai lockdown: The punishing cost on small businesses

Hairdresser Martin Li, who had to close his salon, was one of many business owners who suffered.

2022-06-01 Shanghai lockdown: Cheers and beers as Covid curbs are eased

Residents celebrated in the streets after midnight when restrictions were relaxed.

2022-06-01 Shanghai lockdown: Relief and caution as city returns to life

Covid curbs are eased in Shanghai after two months - but the freedom comes with strings attached.

2022-05-31 Shanghai lockdown: China eases Covid restrictions after two months

China's biggest city, a vital global trade hub, begins to relax crippling Covid restrictions.

2022-05-30 Shanghai lockdown: China's financial hub set to lift Covid curbs

Authorities in the commercial hub have also announced new economic support measures for businesses.

2022-05-24 Coronavirus: Argentine President Fernández pays 'fine' over lockdown party

Leaked photos of the dinner party held while Covid lockdown measures were in force caused outrage.

2022-05-23 Airbnb to quit China as lockdowns restrict tourism

Stays in China made up only 1% of Airbnb's revenue for the last few years, a source said.

2022-05-16 Shanghai lockdown: China unemployment rate near pandemic peak

Evidence of China's economic slowdown came as authorities unveiled plans to lift Shanghai's lockdown.

2022-05-12 North Korea orders strict lockdown with first official Covid cases

State media report the country's first outbreak, but observers believe the virus has long been present.

2022-05-04 How Covid-scarred Shanghai will finally exit lockdown

A mass clean-up is sweeping through Shanghai, with the city's gradual reopening expected to follow.

2022-05-01 Shanghai lockdown: The hard life of a homeless deliveryman

Many riders face a lack of shelter and safety while delivering supplies in a locked down city.

2022-04-30 Ros Atkins on… China’s zero-Covid lockdowns

Ros Atkins looks at why the Chinese government remains committed to its policy of eliminating all outbreaks of coronavirus.

2022-04-29 Shanghai lockdown: Residents protest after five weeks of strict zero-Covid measures

Some residents have been under strict lockdown for five weeks, and struggled to access food supplies.

2022-04-25 Stock markets tumble over China lockdown fears

Shares drop as Covid cases in Beijing raise the prospect of supply chain disruption.

2022-04-23 Shanghai: Censors try to block video about lockdown conditions

The video features people pleading for help over a lack of food and medicine in the city's strict lockdown.

2022-04-22 Shanghai escalates Covid lockdown restrictions

The latest measures will include placing door alarms to prevent those infected from leaving.

2022-04-20 Shanghai lockdown: Whole communities relocated in anti-Covid drive

One community faces relocation to quarantine facilities more than 100 miles (160km) away.

2022-04-15 China Covid: Clashes in Shanghai over lockdown evictions

Residents have been forced from their homes as apartments are turned into quarantine centres.

2022-04-14 Shanghai lockdown: How angry netizens test China's 'Great Firewall'

Videos appearing to show people suffering in Shanghai's lockdown have gone viral, stretching censors.

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