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Date Title
2022-08-10 Australia Covid: Contact tracing app branded expensive 'failure'

The health minister urges people to delete the contact-tracing app, which identified just two infections.

2021-09-26 COVIDSafe: Australia’s digital contact tracing failure
2021-09-05 Australian police using QR code contact tracing app checkin data
2021-08-17 5G and Beyond for Contact Tracing
2021-04-27 Google promised its contact tracing app was completely private, but it wasn’t
2021-04-16 Chaos Computer Club calls for immediate moratorium on contact tracing app Luca
2021-03-31 Copyright infringement by German contact tracing app
2021-01-08 Singapore’s police now have access to contact tracing data
2021-01-04 Singapore police can access Covid-19 contact tracing data
2021-01-04 Singapore says contact tracing data may be used for criminal investigations
2020-12-21 Herald – Bluetooth contact tracing protocol
2020-12-11 Coronavirus contact tracing apps promised big and didn’t deliver
2020-12-08 Corona Contact Tracing Germany
2020-11-24 Australian Gov Security Agencies collected national contact tracing app data
2020-11-21 Why Aren't Covid-19 Contact Tracing Apps Working?
2020-11-16 Norwegian Covid-19 contact tracing app banned by the Data Protection Authority
2020-10-03 Contact tracing study finds children key to spread, evidence of superspreaders
2020-09-10 MicroG 0.2.12 released, adds support for Covid-19 contact tracing apps
2020-08-23 On the problems with automated contact tracing
2020-08-23 Cory Doctorow on “Contact Tracing”
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