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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2021-06-10 Heart inflammation cases higher in ages 16-24 after 2nd mRNA Covid-19 shot: CDC
2021-06-07 Unlocking: India states start reopening amid dip in Covid cases

Delhi and Mumbai are among the major cities that are easing weeks-long restrictions.

2021-06-05 Black fungus: Is diabetes behind India's high number of cases?

India has seen rising cases of the serious fungal infection, mostly in Covid patients.

2021-06-03 Patents in Open Source: the important parts of real cases
2021-06-03 Israel sees probable link between Pfizer vaccine and myocarditis cases
2021-06-02 Israel reports link between rare cases of heart inflammation and MRNA Vaccine
2021-05-27 Covid Cases Double in the World’s Most-Vaccinated Nation
2021-05-24 Reopening Texas Had No Discernible Impact on Covid-19 Cases or Deaths
2021-05-23 Black fungus: India reports nearly 9,000 cases of rare infection

The normally rare infection has a 50% mortality rate, and is hitting recovering Covid-19 patients.

2021-05-22 Covid: Argentina starts new lockdown as cases soar

The country that endured one of the world's longest quarantines is back under restrictions.

2021-05-19 Amphotericin-B: Concern over 'black fungus' drug shortage as cases rise

The intravenous injection is in short supply as hospitals report a spike in cases.

2021-05-18 Study: One million cancer cases undiagnosed in Europe due to Covid restrictions
2021-05-17 Thailand: Record number of Covid cases as prison clusters grow

The country last week admitted there were growing virus clusters in two jails outside Bangkok.

2021-05-14 Covid cases mean Australia repatriation flight from India not full

Dozens of citizens are understood to have tested positive ahead of the first flight home from Delhi.

2021-05-04 Covid cases at Everest base camp raise fears of serious outbreak

Climbers say a growing number of people have tested positive, despite government denials.

2021-05-04 India says infections 'slowing down' as it passes 20 million cases

Officials say infection rates have consistently dropped since 30 April when they saw a record high.

2021-05-01 India records over 400k Covid cases in 24 hours: Official data
2021-04-29 Israel examining heart inflammation cases in people who received Pfizer Vaccine
2021-04-28 Turkish Grand Prix to replace Canadian Grand Prix on 2021 F1 calendar amid rise in coronavirus cases

June's Canadian Grand Prix is cancelled and replaced by a race on the same dates at Turkey's Istanbul Park track.

2021-04-27 As Covid sweeps India, experts say cases and deaths are going unreported
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