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2020-06-20 ICYMI: A flying bus and an audience of dummies in masks

Some of the stories you may have missed this week.

2020-06-19 Coronavirus: 'Deadly masks' claims debunked

The BBC's anti-disinformation team has been investigating misleading claims about the health risks of face masks.

2020-06-18 We Need Better Masks
2020-06-18 Californians must wear masks outside home under new state order
2020-06-18 Coronavirus: American Airlines passenger removed for not wearing mask

The conservative activist, who was flying with American Airlines, called their mask policy "insane".

2020-06-15 eBay execs sent roaches and “bloody pig mask” to harass journalists, feds say
2020-06-13 Face masks don’t even have to work especially well to be effective
2020-06-13 Face Masks Considerably Reduce Covid-19 Cases in Germany
2020-06-12 Face masks ‘significantly reduce’ spread of Covid-19, study finds
2020-06-12 Anti-Mask League of San Francisco
2020-06-11 Hong Kong: City of two masks faces a new crisis

A year after the protests began, amid a pandemic, Hong Kong faces another existential crisis. Will it survive?

2020-06-11 Study: 100% face mask use could crush second, third Covid-19 wave
2020-06-10 Widespread face mask usage can bring R0 below one
2020-06-10 Widespread mask-wearing could prevent Covid-19 second waves, study shows
2020-06-09 3M sues Amazon storefront that allegedly sold fake N95 masks for $23 apiece
2020-06-05 Coronavirus face mask lights up with moving mouth shapes

A games designer creates a face mask that shows animated mouth shapes as you speak.

2020-06-05 Coronavirus: WHO advises to wear masks in public areas

The World Health Organization changes its guidance saying masks can help stop the spread of the virus.

2020-06-04 The Secret, Absurd World of Coronavirus Mask Traders and Middlemen
2020-05-28 Using Weak Electric Fields to Make Virus-Killing Face Masks
2020-05-27 Trump and Biden trade barbs over wearing a mask

President Trump and his likely presidential challenger Joe Biden clash over the humble face covering.

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