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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2020-06-29 No more going viral: why not apply social distancing to social media?
2020-06-27 Steven Pinker on the Tribal Roots of Defying Social Distancing
2020-06-08 Psychopathic traits linked to noncompliance with social distancing amid pandemic
2020-06-02 Coronavirus: Could social distancing of less than two metres work?

The government is under pressure to relax the 2m social distancing rule - but is it safe to do so?

2020-06-01 Social Distancing Detector
2020-05-30 Sodar: AR to visualise social distancing guidelines around you
2020-05-24 Coronavirus: Could these social distancing hacks make it to market?

People around the world are inventing their own gadgets and designs to adhere to social distancing.

2020-05-22 Social Distancing Is Not Enough
2020-05-20 Social distancing: When extreme weather and coronavirus collide

People displaced by extreme weather are forced to break Covid-19 social distancing safety guidelines.

2020-05-13 Coronavirus: Social distancing 'impossible' on London commute

Many workers are returning to public transport in the capital after lockdown rules were relaxed.

2020-05-12 Coronavirus: What are social distancing and self-isolation rules?

Boris Johnson has announced changes to guidelines in England on exercise and social distancing.

2020-05-10 How are people making the best of social distancing?

A happy hour in Harlem, a teacher gives hugs behind a plastic wall, and puppies visit a care home.

2020-05-06 Our world re-engineered for social distancing (photo gallery)
2020-05-04 Uptick in Fatal Opioid Overdoses During Social Distancing
2020-04-30 Elon Musk slams “fascist” social distancing measures
2020-04-23 Denver backed off social distancing in 1918 pandemic, the results were deadly
2020-04-23 Mark your personal space with the Social Distancing Laser Hat
2020-04-21 Aerodynamically equivalent Covid-19 1.5m social distancing for walking&running [pdf]
2020-04-18 MIT’s AI predicts catastrophe if social distancing restrictions relax too soon
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