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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2020-05-24 California doctors see more deaths from suicide than coronavirus since lockdowns
2020-05-24 Can virtual reality help get you through lockdown?
2020-05-23 Did Japan Just Beat the Virus Without Lockdowns or Mass Testing?
2020-05-23 Coronavirus: Anti-lockdown car protest draws thousands

An opposition party urges people to protest from their cars in order to maintain social distancing.

2020-05-23 Sweden escapes economic slump by refusing to impose lockdown
2020-05-22 Spellers' advice for concentrating on work in lockdown

Two US spelling bee winners give their advice for concentrating on work in lockdown.

2020-05-21 Keith Urban on his lockdown drive-in concert

The US country music star performed to healthcare workers in their cars in Tennessee.

2020-05-21 Eid in lockdown: Muslim influencers share their style tips

Three Muslim influencers share their style tips, as millions prepare to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

2020-05-21 Earlier lockdown 'could have saved 36,000 lives' - study

A Columbia University study estimates 36,000 fewer deaths if US lockdown began one week earlier.

2020-05-21 Coronavirus: French brothers strike gold under lockdown

Two children, aged about 10, make a valuable discovery as they build a shelter in their garden.

2020-05-21 Colombia: How armed gangs are using lockdown to target activists

Campaigners were already at risk but restrictions have left them easy targets for militia groups.

2020-05-20 Lockdown: South African actors create a hit online soap opera

A group of South African actors in lockdown are making a hit online soap opera from their homes.

2020-05-20 The Results of Europe’s Lockdown Experiment Are In
2020-05-19 Coronavirus lockdown: The Indian migrants dying to get home

Many poor Indians, fleeing hunger in locked down cities, have died of exhaustion or in accidents.

2020-05-19 Coronavirus: Chile protesters clash with police over lockdown

Police use tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters in Santiago's El Bosque district.

2020-05-18 US lockdown protests may have spread virus widely, cellphone data suggests
2020-05-18 100M people in renewed lockdown in China after spike of new COVID19 cases
2020-05-18 Coronavirus lockdown: The harmonica player giving cheer to neighbours

Frederic Yonnet is an urban jazz harmonica player who believes music can bridge social distancing.

2020-05-18 Lockdown in a virus-hit migrant camp

An Afghan journalist and refugee locked down in one of Europe’s migrant camps looks at the conditions in Malakasa camp.

2020-05-17 Coronavirus: European countries set to further ease lockdowns

Italy, Spain and Portugal are among the countries that will relax their restrictions from Monday.

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