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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

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2020-05-17 Coronavirus: UK daily death figure dips to lowest since day after lockdown

The government says if a vaccine trial is successful the UK will have 30 million doses by September.

2020-05-17 India extends coronavirus lockdown by two weeks

The country's major cities will remain under strict restrictions, with some relaxation elsewhere.

2020-05-16 Coding that led to lockdown was 'unreliable' and a 'buggy mess'
2020-05-16 Actor Leslie Jordan on his lockdown Instagram fame

The Emmy Award-winning star's videos have helped him to hit more than four million followers.

2020-05-16 Coronavirus: South Africa's alcohol and cigarette lockdown

In South Africa, illegal sellers are defying the prohibition on buying alcohol and cigarettes.

2020-05-16 #LastNormalPhoto: Thousands share last images before lockdown

We asked you to post your last 'normal' photo before coronavirus. A lot of you replied.

2020-05-16 Coronavirus: Beach crowds as countries ease lockdowns

People head to the seaside around the world, with various measures to maintain social distancing.

2020-05-16 India coronavirus lockdown: Road accident kills 24 migrant workers

Millions of Indian workers are travelling home after losing their jobs in the coronavirus lockdown.

2020-05-16 Coronavirus: Italy to lift travel restrictions as lockdown eases

The 3 June change will be a major step in efforts to reopen the economy after months of lockdown.

2020-05-15 Large areas of London to be made car-free as lockdown eased
2020-05-15 From lockdown to gridlock: Asia’s traffic resumes after fall in pollution

As restrictions are eased traffic is starting to gridlock roads, leading to a rise in pollution.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: Is Putin rushing Russia out of lockdown?

The Russian president has declared a six-week lockdown over but the infection rate is still very high.

2020-05-14 How the super-rich spent lockdown

Luxury Bunkers and Private Islands: How the super-rich spent lockdown

2020-05-14 Japan suicides decline as Covid-19 lockdown causes shift in stress factors
2020-05-14 Coronavirus: New Zealand lockdown eased as businesses reopen

New Zealand has reported no new cases of the virus in the past three days.

2020-05-14 Matt Damon breaks Irish lockdown cover with surprise radio call

A Dublin radio presenter had been appealing for the Oscar winner to call his programme for weeks.

2020-05-14 New Zealand has third day with 0 new Covid cases as it leaves lockdown
2020-05-14 'We're clinging on' - theatre leaders discuss lockdown crisis

Venue bosses are attempting to plan for a future they cannot predict.

2020-05-13 Coronavirus: A day in lockdown life around the world

As coronavirus lockdowns continue, we asked young people in 14 different countries how they're coping.

2020-05-13 As coronavirus cases resurge, lockdowns reimposed on at least three continents
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