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Date Title
2021-07-28 How the coronavirus infects cells – and why Delta is so dangerous
2021-07-24 LA man who mocked Covid-19 vaccines dies of virus

Stephen Harmon, who opposed getting vaccinated, has died after a month-long struggle with the virus.

2021-07-23 Plasmid, Virus or Other? DNA ‘Borgs’ Blur Boundaries
2021-07-23 Coronavirus: Was US money used to fund risky research in China?
2021-07-22 Wuhan virus: Was US money used to fund risky research in China?

What's the row about virus research in China between a prominent Republican and Dr Anthony Fauci?

2021-07-22 Coronavirus: Italy brings in Covid certificate amid spike in infections

All those aged 12 and over with at least one jab will be able to access bars, cinemas and gyms.

2021-07-22 Covid: China rejects WHO plan for second phase of virus origin probe

China says a proposal to audit labs shows "disrespect to common sense and arrogance towards science".

2021-07-21 15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice
2021-07-20 15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice
2021-07-20 Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for Posting Coronavirus Misinformation
2021-07-20 DNA Has Four Bases. Some Viruses Swap in a Fifth
2021-07-17 Coronavirus doctor's diary: Unvaccinated patients with many regrets
2021-07-16 L.A. County will require masks indoors amid alarming rise in coronavirus cases
2021-07-15 Covid: WHO urges China to co-operate better in virus origin probe

The head of the WHO called for more transparency in the investigation into the origins of Covid.

2021-07-15 84% of new coronavirus patients were not vaccinated
2021-07-15 ‘Super antibody’ for Covid fights off multiple coronaviruses
2021-07-09 Covid origins: Scientists weigh up evidence over virus's origins

Researchers aim to "set the record straight" on how the virus transferred from bats into humans.

2021-07-09 Wikipedia is at war over the coronavirus lab leak theory
2021-07-08 Thailand's plans to fully re-open in doubt as virus cases spike

It comes as the country is seeing a surge in virus cases which have overwhelmed hospitals.

2021-06-30 Inside the risky bat-virus engineering that links America to Wuhan
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