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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2021-05-10 Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research (2015)
2021-05-09 Leaked Chinese document reveals a sinister plan to ‘unleash’ coronaviruses
2021-05-09 Retracted coronavirus (Covid-19) papers
2021-05-08 The virus is an airborne threat, the CDC acknowledges
2021-05-08 Some Viruses Have a Completely Different Genome to the Rest of Life on Earth
2021-05-07 India's Covid crisis: Rural hospitals unable to cope as virus spreads

Rundown rural hospitals are struggling to deal with a Covid crisis they were never equipped for.

2021-05-04 First ever image of B117 coronavirus variant captured by UBC researchers
2021-05-04 Covid in Varanasi: Anger rises as coronavirus rages in Modi's constituency

Many in Varanasi are asking where their MP - India's prime minister - is in their hour of need.

2021-05-03 Screening healthcare workers could serve early warning system for future viruses
2021-05-02 India coronavirus: New record deaths as virus engulfs India

India records another dire milestone, but the government continues to resist a full lockdown.

2021-05-02 Indian scientists flag virus mutations that could ‘evade immune response’
2021-04-30 Dozens of viruses seem to use a different DNA base
2021-04-30 Brazil rejects Sputnik vaccine for presence of live Adenovirus
2021-04-29 India Covid: A nurse's story of fighting the virus

A nurse at the forefront of the battle against India's deadly second Covid wave shares her story.

2021-04-28 India coronavirus: Round-the-clock mass cremations

Some crematoriums have been operating non-stop as a second wave of coronavirus engulfs the country.

2021-04-28 Turkish Grand Prix to replace Canadian Grand Prix on 2021 F1 calendar amid rise in coronavirus cases

June's Canadian Grand Prix is cancelled and replaced by a race on the same dates at Turkey's Istanbul Park track.

2021-04-28 India coronavirus: Man charged over oxygen SOS for dying grandfather

An Indian man who sought help on Twitter for his grandfather in his last hours could face jail.

2021-04-26 Coronavirus: Portugal records no daily deaths for first time since August

The last time the country recorded no coronavirus-related deaths in a 24-hour period was in August.

2021-04-26 Coronavirus: EU sues AstraZeneca over vaccine delivery delays

The pharmaceutical giant says the legal action is "without merit" and vows to defend itself.

2021-04-26 India Covid: Anger as Twitter ordered to remove critical virus posts

The country is struggling with a massive surge in cases and a major oxygen shortage.

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