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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

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2020-06-09 Coronavirus: Brazil judge orders Bolsonaro to publish full data

President Bolsonaro's government was accused of censorship, after Covid-19 reporting changed.

2020-06-09 Coronavirus: China warns students over 'risks' of studying in Australia

China's education ministry issues an advisory, warning of "discriminatory incidents" in Australia.

2020-06-09 Coronavirus: Satellite traffic images may suggest virus hit Wuhan earlier

A surge in hospital traffic may indicate the virus hit China earlier than reported, a study suggests.

2020-06-09 Malaysia detains 270 Rohingya refugees who had drifted at sea for weeks

Rohingya refugees had been stranded offshore for weeks, unable to dock because of Covid-19 lockdown.

2020-06-09 Coronavirus: Cathay Pacific gets $5bn state-backed bailout

The restructuring package comes as the global airline industry has been hit hard by the pandemic.

2020-06-09 Coronavirus: New Zealand cuts research in Antarctica to keep it virus free

Antarctica is the only continent without any reported virus cases so far.

2020-06-08 China-US rivalry in Africa fuelled by coronavirus

The continent is increasingly becoming a part of Washington and Beijing's new cold war battlefield.

2020-06-08 How backpacking towns are coping after being left empty by coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has "decimated" backpacker towns like Queenstown, Cusco and Arugam Bay.

2020-06-08 Coronavirus: How Covid-19 has changed the 'big fat Indian wedding'

Can simple intimate ceremonies be the new normal in a country obsessed with lavish weddings?

2020-06-08 Coronavirus: Transiting Europe's eerily quite airports

BBC Europe correspondent Jean Mackenzie has documented her flight back to the UK.

2020-06-08 Pandemic pushes US into official recession

Economists say America's economic expansion ended in February, but markets remain on the upswing.

2020-06-08 Coronavirus economy: What can 2008 recession teach us about this one?

What lessons must we learn from 12 years ago to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past?

2020-06-08 Black Lives Matter: Ghana protest leader arrested for breaching lockdown

Ernesto Yeboah's lawyer says that charges that he breached lockdown rules were "baseless".

2020-06-08 Coronavirus: Lockdowns in Europe saved millions of lives

The researchers say the death toll would have been "huge" without a lockdown.

2020-06-08 Coronavirus: John Magufuli declares Tanzania free of Covid-19

President John Magufuli says prayers have helped eliminate the deadly virus from the country.

2020-06-08 India coronavirus: Patients stranded as Delhi struggles with Covid

The Indian capital has seen a surge of infections and its healthcare system is struggling to cope.

2020-06-08 New Zealand to lift all restrictions as it declares itself virus-free

PM Jacinda Ardern says she 'did a little dance' as it was confirmed NZ had no active virus cases.

2020-06-07 Coronavirus in DR Congo captured on camera

A new online project documents the country's challenges amid the pandemic.

2020-06-07 Coronavirus: The tourists swapping lockdown for Sweden

Sweden's relaxed lockdown has attracted growing numbers of British and European tourists.

2020-06-07 Coronavirus: Hundreds of Polish infections linked to mine

A single coal mine in southern Poland accounted for 38% of all new infections on Sunday.

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