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2020-05-11 Coronavirus doctor's diary: 'They say I have blood on my hands'

Abusive messages were sent to an Asian doctor because of a myth that non-white patients are left to die.

2020-05-11 Coronavirus: Spanish family reunited after two months apart

The moment two aunts see their niece take her first steps as parts of Spain lift lockdown.

2020-05-11 Coronavirus: Israel turns surveillance tools on itself

Counter-terror technology is being applied in the fight against Covid-19, raising privacy concerns.

2020-05-11 Coronavirus: Hairdressers among businesses to reopen in France

France has begun to ease its lockdown, and thousands of businesses have started to reopen.

2020-05-11 Coronavirus: 'I could be forced to lose a job I love'

Short notice from the government about returning to work has caused problems for some.

2020-05-11 Coronavirus: When will schools reopen?

Schools have been closed to most pupils since the end of March - when and how will they open?

2020-05-11 How to make your own face mask

Our guide to different types of face coverings and step-by-step instructions on how to make them.

2020-05-11 The tech industry's winners and losers in lockdown

Unprecedented times are bad news for many - but not all. Some major technology companies are thriving.

2020-05-11 Coronavirus: Crowd concerns as Australia’s restrictions ease

Crowds flock to shopping centres as Australia comes out of lockdown.

2020-05-10 How are people making the best of social distancing?

A happy hour in Harlem, a teacher gives hugs behind a plastic wall, and puppies visit a care home.

2020-05-10 Coronavirus: Labour's Starmer says PM statement 'raises as many questions as answers'

People are being told to go back to work without clear safety guidance, Labour leader Keir Starmer says.

2020-05-08 Coronavirus: What did China do about early outbreak?

China and the US are in a tense war of words but what actually happened during the early outbreak?

2020-05-07 Coronavirus bailouts: Which country has the most generous deal?

A look at the different ways nations are trying to cushion the blow from the virus shutdowns.

2020-05-07 Coronavirus: Meat shortage leaves US farmers with 'mind-blowing' choice

As the virus disrupts the food chain, millions of pigs could be put down without ever making it to table.

2020-05-06 Life for asylum seekers in lockdown on the US-Mexico border

Magaly Contreras has spent nine months in a Tijuana shelter and is worried about her future.

2020-05-06 Coronavirus: Will we ever shake hands again?

Will Covid-19 make handshakes a relic of the past? If so, what might that mean about the future of human touch and interaction?

2020-05-06 Coronavirus: Texas banned abortions - how did that affect women?

In Texas, abortions are resuming as virus restrictions ease - but for many, the damage has been done.

2020-05-06 Coronavirus: What is the UK's test, track and trace strategy?

A guide to the three key parts of the government's coronavirus strategy after lockdowns are eased.

2020-05-05 Coronavirus lockdown: I got a life-changing opportunity

Ana Carmona was quarantined with her parents and siblings in NYC, when she got some big news.

2020-05-05 Coronavirus: Why is there a US backlash to masks?

It's a very American phenomenon - here's what's behind the growing aversion to face coverings.

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